Wrestling promoter told Goldberg and Sting about retirement tour


Shortly after Goldberg kept telling fans that he had zero games left on his WWE contract, he made an unexpected announcement. Not only was his time in the WWE over, but he was pretty upset with his former employer for not giving him the retirement match that was apparently promised.

Goldberg’s retirement tour

Somewhere between Vince McMahon’s retirement schedule and WWE’s backstage restructuring, Goldberg’s handshake deal was either forgotten or decided that whoever is currently in charge of booking matches like this probably isn’t for the best. It seems to be either That’s what happens when a superstar wins $2 million in one game.

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That doesn’t mean we saw Goldberg’s end in the ring, though. The Hall of Famer has said he plans to do some kind of retirement tour, and the promoter confirmed he was in talks with Goldberg about possible dates in Israel. Not only that, but that same promoter also Sting About appearing on the same program and people who are close to retirement.

Goldberg Retains Universal Title

Goldberg and Sting on the same show

“We have a date in Jerusalem, Israel this September, which will potentially involve both Goldberg and Sting,” promoter Rick Bassman told House of Wrestling. Told. Bassman stressed that he is in discussions with Goldberg, his agent and Sting, but nothing has been decided yet. In fact, the promoter admits that plans are still very fluid right now, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Goldberg eventually returned to WWE for his final match.

Goldberg’s last match in WWE was over a year ago and was one of many unsuccessful attempts to defeat Roman Reigns when they clashed for the Universal Championship in Elimination Chamber. . Sting is much more active, competing semi-regularly in AEW tag team matches. AEW’s ‘all-in’ at the 90,000-seat Wembley Stadium in the UK feels like the perfect place for Sting to play his last game, and Goldberg is a free agent, so he’ll be all-in as well. Not beyond the realm of possibility to play a match.

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