Willoughby Hills Police Offers Educational Assistance on Identity Theft

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May 3 — Detective Joseph Fink of Willoughby Hills Police Department, along with Officer Salvatore Continenza, recently partnered with Otium Financial Planners to give a presentation on identity theft at a community center.

According to Police Chief Matthew Negele, the educational outreach was well attended.

“The feedback has been great,” he said. “Our crime prevention officers work with local individuals, neighborhood groups, churches and businesses for a variety of education and crime prevention strategies.”

The Federal Trade Commission has received 5.7 million identity theft and fraud reports so far this year, up from 4.7 million the year before, according to the National Council on Identity Theft Protection. The council aims to protect American consumers and businesses from the ever-evolving threat of identity theft.

“Identity theft happens when someone uses your personal or financial information without your permission,” Naegele said. “Your credit standing can be damaged, costing you time and money.”

As part of the Willoughby Hills Safety Initiative, a captain position has been added to the police department, which Mayor Andy Gardner said was desperately needed because the police chief did most of the administrative work.

The city is still looking to add two more full-time offices this year and plans to add three to its roster in about a year, which is fairly unprecedented for the city, Gardner said. added Mr.

By 2022, Gardner says, even police officers will be equipped with body cameras.

The body cameras will be deployed after their arrival in early June, to help address the ongoing challenges of maintaining public awareness of law enforcement and improving departmental practices, not only at the local level but across the country. It is considered

“There is a lack of trust in law enforcement in many communities across the country,” Negele said. “We are fortunate to be in the non-existent Willoughby Hills.

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