Wells Fargo’s first quarter profit declines as asset values ​​fall

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After Signs of Financial Advisor Exodus Over the Past Years was dwindlingWells Fargo now restricts all views of Spigot to the company’s top executives.

San Francisco-based megabank first quarter income statement On April 14, it announced that it would not disclose the number of financial advisors working in its wealth management division.

the base of About 12,000 cases were disclosed Since the fourth quarter, wells fargo has hired about 1,940 more advisors than just four years ago, although it recorded an increase from the previous period.The company’s fake account scandal and subsequent string of regulatory snafus have extracted reputational damage Burden on the number of advisors in the company.

From a wealth management perspective, these vanishing numbers are a reflection of CEO Charlie Scharf’s comments on the banking crisis and the actions of major banks taking steps to mitigate the impact on the larger economy. Stealing the spotlight of Wells Fargo’s role as a one-stop shop, Schaaf said in a conference call with analysts, “Our trust in the country’s banking system and the First Republic serve our customers. It said it had strengthened First Republic Bank with $5 billion in uninsured deposits, reflecting “help to provide liquidity to keep going.” .

“We are pleased that the work completed over the past few years has enabled us to support the U.S. financial system,” Schaaf said. According to Seeking Alpha transcript.

“We believe banks of all sizes are an important part of the financial system, as each is uniquely positioned to serve their customers and communities,” he continued. “Banks have different operating models, and it’s important to recognize that the bank that failed in the first quarter was very different from what people think of when they think of a typical local bank. Certain banks had concentrated business models that relied heavily on uninsured persons, our franchise and many other bank franchises operate with a broader business model and a more diversified source of funding .”

As for the broader economic ramifications, Schaaf said the company is “closely monitoring customer behavior for clues” about customer behavior, delinquencies and “pockets of risk” such as commercial office real estate loans. there is,” he said. The company is preparing for different scenarios based on its forecast of slowing economic growth in 2023.

Scroll down the slideshow for key wealth management takeaways from Wells Fargo’s first quarter earnings. Click here to view coverage Of bank warning signals related to commercial real estate loans amid the banking crisis Check which executive here Wells Fargo tapped into leading the consumer segment after its current president soon retired. And if you look at Wells Fargo’s fourth quarter wealth earnings, follow this link.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, all metrics below are based on Wells Fargo Advisors, Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, Wells Fargo Private Bank and its custodian domiciled Wells Fargo refers to the Wealth and Investment Management segment of The company does not categorize metrics specific to these parts of its business.

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