Webcast to Zoom in on Client Engagement, Business Growth

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Thursday’s free webcast, sponsored by eMoney Advisor, will feature speakers including Absolute Engagement CEO Julie Littlechild.

A free ThinkAdvisor webcast set for 1 p.m. ET Thursday will feature a panel of experts addressing the “Future of Client Engagement & Business Growth.”

During the webcast, the panelists will break down how advisors can evaluate the effectiveness of their current approaches and what new thinking, tools and data they can embrace to expand their engagement and grow their advisory practices. Considerations like these are critical for advisors today in what has become an increasingly competitive and data-driven marketplace for financial advice.

Client engagement is the key for financial advisors looking to retain existing clients and add new ones, according to the scheduled speakers, who will discuss best practices that can strengthen engagement, client relations and overall business results, and also help advisors to know where their client engagement is falling short today.

In addition, the conversation will zoom in on how the latest analysis, insights and technology tools can improve client engagement and your business growth in 2023.

Among the speakers will be Julie Littlechild, CEO and founder of Absolute Engagement. An expert on the drivers and evolution of client experience, client engagement and referral growth, Littlechild started her latest venture in 2014. She also is the author of “The Pursuit of Absolute Engagement“ and now sits on an Investments & Wealth Institute advisory board.

In a recent Absolute Engagement report based on 2023 investor research, the firm said 93% of clients were somewhat satisfied (23%) or very satisfied (70%) with their relationships with their advisors, with the largest satisfaction gaps reflecting how clients were feeling.

Self-confidence is positively correlated with satisfaction, loyalty and Net Promoter Scores, according to the report. Plus, how clients feel about their future affects how they feel about their advisory relationship.

Also speaking will be Cheryl Nash, chief customer executive at InvestCloud; Jay Coulter, president of Resilient Advisor; and Joe Buhrmann, senior financial planning practice management consultant at eMoney Advisor.

With more than 30 years of experience, Nash has deep expertise and understanding of industry trends, priorities and challenges, and is a highly sought-after subject matter expert. Her consultative approach has yielded enduring client partnerships.

As a former Envestnet Institute on Campus advisory board member, Nash founded and led the Women in Wealth Management initiative, an award-winning program dedicated to inspiring, advising and educating career-focused women.

Coulter is a consultant to financial advisors, teams and firms. His company specializes in teaching simple systems that help advisors become hyper-focused, clear on their value and confident in their ability to grow. He also is the producer of Financial Advisor TV, which is home to Advisor Speed Demos, ETF Stories and The Resilient Advisor podcast, among other shows.

With more than three decades in the financial services industry, Buhrmann aligns his know-how and passion to help firms of all sizes increase usage, adoption and engagement through a modern financial planning experience.

Moderating the webcast will be Janet Levaux, editor in chief of ThinkAdvisor and Investment Advisor.

Click here to register for the webcast. (Those who can’t participate live can also register for an on-demand recording after the webcast.)

Pictured: Julie Littlechild

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