Vampiro cuts retirement tour for health reasons


Vampiro had grand plans for his retirement tour in Lucha Libre. He was keen to build up to the last minute to give his fans a proper send-off, Vampiro wrestling the match at his regular AAA television taping. Unfortunately, he had problems with the physical grind due to his health.

Vampiro has battled Alzheimer’s disease in recent years. He has made sufficient progress in therapy to feel comfortable competing in the ring again.

As the game grew more physical, Vampiro realized he could not complete his three-year plan as intended.

Vampiro explained in Spanish the video posted by Mas Lucha.

The idea of ​​a retirement tour was three years of about 35 games on television. He accepted the risk of battling Alzheimer’s disease. Vamp was on condition that he couldn’t hit him in the head, but that happened by chance a month ago. Vampiro spent nine days in hospital recovering. AAA called him to play Chessman at Triplemania XXXI Monterrey. Vampiro realized that he had failed to complete his original plan. He’s probably thinking of another big match, maybe he’s one or he’s two, but that’s about it for his career.

Don’t cry for Vampiro. He is full of energy in transitioning to other ventures in life. Vampiro has a radio program, Radio Vampiro, which airs from Guadalajara on weekdays from 9:00 pm to 12:00 pm.

Vampiro helped form a branch of Guardian Angels in Guadalajara.

Vampiro also started a new Krav Maga school as a martial arts teacher.

If Vampiro had one final retirement match, who would he want to face?

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