Union Bank Announces Open Financial Innovation Hub in Laguna


The Union Bank Fintech Business Group will launch the Open Finance Innovation Hub on April 13, 2023 at the Union Bank Innovation Campus in San Pedro, Laguna.contributed photo

A new era of innovation and collaboration in the fintech industry begins. The Union Bank of the Philippines has announced an open finance innovation hub. Country.

The program fosters open innovation by breaking down silos and providing a digital ecosystem that fosters trust and collaboration. It provides a platform where different organizations can collaborate, learn from each other, and create cutting-edge solutions that drive progress and transformation in the fintech industry.

“Overcoming the challenges of open innovation requires a willingness to foster a culture of collaboration and overcome the silos that often stifle innovation. Trust is needed between partners and it can be built through effective communication, transparency and mutual understanding of the end goal,” said the head of UnionBank Fintech Business Group. Erika Dizon-Go said.

Signing a deal to foster innovation UnionBank kicked off its launch with a contract signing ceremony to conclude the collaboration between the bank and the first two batches of partners.

Rene Cuartero, Chief Operating Officer and Founders Launchpad Program Supervisor of AHG Lab, Jojo Flores, Chief Operating Officer of LaunchGarage, Franco Varona, Managing Partner of Foxmont Capital Partners, and Frederico Gonzales, Executive Director of Animo Labs, as Partners Configure the first batch of

Meanwhile, Aboitiz Equity Ventures Chief Transformation Officer Emilie Sydney-Smith, UBX Business Lead Mark Gorospe, and Philippine Stock Exchange Chief Operating Officer Roel Refran comprise the second batch of partners.

“Open innovation is becoming more important because there is a real need to drive progress and change, not just in our business, but in society at large,” said Michelle Rubio, Chief Human Resources Officer at Union Bank.

For more information, please email us at FBGSales@unionbankph.com.

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