Transgender women blocked from participating in second division of Australia’s Women’s National Basketball League

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Transgender female players have been blocked from participating in the second tier of Australia’s Women’s National Basketball League after a commission found them ineligible to compete at the sport’s elite level.

Lexi Rodgers revealed on her podcast last month that she has applied to play for Melbourne-based club Kilsis Cobras in Australia’s NBL1 South competition, citing a “transgender person” referred to in local discussions. He said he wanted to put his face on the players’…mainstream and social media.

Basketball Australia released a statement Tuesday that a three-member panel of experts had ruled Rodgers ineligible to play in NBL1 this season.

Sports’ national governing bodies assessed the eligibility of prospective transgender players on a case-by-case basis at the professional and semi-professional levels.

“We recognize that we are still in the process of education and understanding,” Basketball Australia said. “To help develop the framework, Lexi provides feedback and advice from her experience.

“The balance between inclusiveness, fairness and competitiveness in sports has always been a complex area to navigate.”

Rodgers replied that he hopes to continue to play at the elite level in the future, adding: “Basketball Australia understands that this is not the end of your journey as an athlete and that you must not miss out on future opportunities to demonstrate your worth. I hope that

In an Instagram post, Rodgers wrote, “I am saddened that this decision could send a message to transgender and gender-diverse people around the world. One day, the governing body of basketball will decide that I I hope that I can replicate the inclusion and acceptance I find on the court as I did with my teammates.”

Susie Batkovic, a three-time Olympian and member of Basketball Australia’s Expert Panel, thanked Rogers for working with her on what was “an ever-evolving and complex space.”

“As we continue to develop our unique framework for sub-elite and elite competitions, we will strive to create a clear and clear framework for all tiers of the sport to best support players, coaches, clubs, associations and the broader spectrum. We understand that it takes process and ongoing education, the basketball community,” Batkovic said.

Last month, the track and field banned transgender athletes who transitioned from elite women’s international competition to women. adopted the same rules that led to its decision to ban

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