‘Tom was 100% devoted’: Ex-wife Gisele Bündchen’s retirement schedule could be potential reason behind ex-$650 million couple’s painful breakup


When it comes to power couples, few can match the superstar status shared by Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. The iconic couple shared their stride in a relationship that spans well over a decade. Over the years, the couple’s stardom has grown to a combined net worth of nearly $650 million. Brady and Bündchen were a star couple in the eyes of many fans, but they finally parted ways last year.

Since then, speculation has been rife on the web about the real reason for their breakup. Both Brady and Bündchen have gone on record claiming an amicable breakup, but little is known about the underlying reasons for their breakup.but maybe Gisele Bundchen Revealed the truth about our breakup many years ago?

Tom Brady’s Forgotten Promise to Gisele Bündchen?


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Gisele Bündchen’s memoir details a pivotal moment in their relationship when Brady announced his plans to retire. At 26, Gisele remembered how she and Brady were fully committed to their respective careers. Bündchen didn’t understand how football worked at the time, but he knew of Tom’s unwavering passion for the sport. She said in her memoir:Tom was 100% dedicated to his work. ” However, Tom Brady had other goals at the time, and that of retiring to spend time with his family.

Early in their relationship, Brady spelled out to his future wife his goal of retiring from sports in 10 years. He was 29 at the time, so Brady’s final season in the league would have been around his 39th or 40th birthday. But that day never came for her, as Gisele had to keep waiting for her husband to finally remember the promise they made years ago. Brady played until his 45th birthday and finally retired earlier this year in his 23rd season, almost five years after the schedule he explained to his ex-wife.


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The price of Brady’s long career

Brady’s unwavering passion for the game has driven him to continue playing beyond the originally agreed retirement period. As his decade progressed and beyond, Brady remained committed to his craft. However, this dedication may have come at a great price for him. Giselle, who has been waiting for years for Brady to start his retirement, expressed disappointment at Tom’s lack of family time.

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Despite finally announcing his retirement last year, Tom unexpectedly decided to give the NFL one last chance with a final return to the league. Gisele’s patience must have worn off as the wait got longer. He’s devoted himself to football for years, but could his love for the game finally cost him his marriage? Gisele vehemently denies the allegations, citing instead time and changing priorities.


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