The study identified 25 affordable cities


  • Forbes released its annual list of the top 25 U.S. cities for retirees on Friday.
  • Consider affordability, taxes, crime, natural disaster risk, and other factors
  • The lowest median home price on the list was Augusta, Georgia, at $173,000.

A new study reveals the top 25 US cities for retirees based on affordability, quality of life and other key factors.

Forbes magazine’s “Best Places to Retire in 2023” list released Friday lists Pittsburgh, San Antonio, Indianapolis and Cincinnati as top retirement destinations on the unranked list.

All 25 cities on the list have median home prices below the national median of $376,000, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Augusta, Georgia, host of the Masters tournament, had the lowest median home price on the list at $173,000.

Charlotte and Spokane, Washington, meanwhile, had the highest median home prices on the list, just below the national figure of $375,000.

The 10 cities with the lowest median home prices on Forbes’ 2023 Best Places to Retire list are shown above, and the median home prices are also listed.
Augusta, Georgia, host of the Masters tournament, had the lowest median home price on the list at $173,000.

San Antonio made the Forbes list for the fifth year in a row with $262,000.

Forbes contributor William P. Barrett, who compared more than 800 locations with populations of 10,000 or more, said the list was “the top places for affordable quality retirement living across the country.” The aim is to identify options.”

In addition to affordability, this list takes into account various factors such as state taxes, crime rates, air quality, walkability, and the impact of natural disasters and climate change.

This list excludes locations that have been assigned a “Very High” risk rating on FEMA’s National Risk Index for Natural Hazards.

That means much of hurricane-ridden Florida, traditionally a popular destination for retirees, will automatically be left out of Forbes’ list.

Jacksonville was the only Florida city in the top 25 this year, with a median home price of $295,000.

The Villages, a popular retirement community in central Florida, had been on the list for the past two years, but the high cost of living knocked it off the list, and the median price of a home there now stands at 41. $6,000.

Despite above-average crime rates and cold winters, Pittsburgh has made the list six years in a row with an affordable median home price of $219,000.

Despite an above-average crime rate and cold winters, Pittsburgh has been on the list for six years in a row and has been on the list 11 of 13 years.

This is partly because Pittsburgh’s median home price is $219,000, which is 42% lower than the national median, making it relatively affordable.

Georgia tops this year’s list with three cities, followed by Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Virginia with two cities each.

Fargo, North Dakota, the northernmost city on the list, is also the only city to have appeared in all of Forbes’ rankings in the first 13 years.

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