The latest campaign finance disclosures show legitimacy.Kelly Craft ‘loaned’ over $9 million campaign


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Republican Kelly Craft spent about $9.3 million to become governor of Kentucky, according to the latest campaign funding disclosures.

Kraft, a former ambassador to the United Nations, lent $2.25 million to her campaign during the reporting period from April 17 to May 1. In addition to a $7 million loan from

Her campaign reported $46,326 in itemized donations from others during the most recent period, bringing her overall donations to $1.6 million.

Craft’s campaign has raised a whopping $10.9 million total and reports that he has $1.2 million left for the May 16 primary.

Attorney General Daniel Cameron
Gubernatorial elections were reported to have raised more than $82,000 in the most recent period, bringing the overall total to nearly $1.5 million.

According to the latest report, Cameron’s campaign spent about $335,000 during this period. This has cost him over $245,000 in media coverage for Flexpoint Media.

Cameron reported a balance of $341,227.

Heading into the stretch, Republican gubernatorial candidates are reporting these cash balances in campaigns.

Kelly Craft $1,271,558
Ryan Quarles $458,433
Daniel Cameron $341,227
Alan Keck $34,555
Mike Harmon $14,630
Eric Ditters $12,970

Bluegrass Freedom Action, the PAC backing Cameron, reported Wednesday that it has raised about $811,000 in the most recent period. It also spent over $1.02 million. PAC reports $750,000 in new donations from the Concord Fund, a conservative group formerly called the Judicial Crisis Network, led by Carey Severino, former legal clerk of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Did.

The Commonwealth PAC, which backs Craft, reported zero donations during this period. PAC’s previous financial reports showed that Craft’s husband’s trust brought her $1.5 million to it. Joe Kraft is the head of a large coal company and is often featured in media reports as a billionaire. Kelly Craft has since denied any knowledge of his donation or coordination between the campaign and his PAC. Such adjustments are illegal.

Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quales The governor’s campaign reportedly brought in nearly $34,000 over the period, bringing the overall total to $1.2 million. He reported his $458,432 balance.

Quarles’ latest report shows spending over $478,000 during this period. About $311,000 of that was spent on advertising. Quarles’ campaign also spent about $33,000 on mailers and $59,000 on marketing.

Somerset Mayor Alan Keck The campaign reportedly raised over $14,000 during this period, bringing the campaign’s total to nearly $326,000. Of the approximately $34,000 in spending reported during this period, Keck’s campaign spent approximately $17,000 on advertising. The Keck campaign reported a balance of $34,555.

Bluegrass Conservatives, the PAC behind Keck, reported a donation of $92,500. About $62,500 came from the Prosperity Alliance, which The Courier-Journal reports has ties to black-money group Commonwealth Conservatives LLC, which advertised in the recent Republican state House primary. Bluegrass Conservatives spent over $67,000 on him during this period, most of it on direct mail promoting his Keck.

Northern Kentucky Attorney Eric Deters Suspended His largely self-funded campaign has earned over $778,000 and reportedly spent over $765,500. His final balance was $12,970.42.

According to his 15-day report, Deters spent $75,000 with 859 Print, another $15,000 with News Express, and $4,825 with Deters Ink to market the April campaign.

State Auditor Mike Harmons According to his latest financial report, the campaign has raised over $85,000, raising $470 during the period. Of those new dollars, $170 was his April cash donation. Harmon’s reported spending for this period was $293.90, which he used for his dinner tickets and service charges.

Democratic Governor Andy Beshear The re-election war fund continued to grow. His latest 15-day financial reporting report shows the campaign raised a total of $6.96 million, bringing in nearly $352,000 in the last reporting period. Reports show that he spent over $143,000 during this period.

McKenna Horsely is in charge of state politics for Kentucky Lantern.

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