Surge in Nisa Investment Advisors LLC Stake in Kyndryl Holdings Draws Attention

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In a startling development, Nisa Investment Advisors LLC revealed that it has bolstered its stake in Kyndryl Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:KD) by an impressive 11.2% during the first quarter of this year. The renowned institutional investor disclosed this information in its most recent 13F filing with the esteemed Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Astoundingly, Nisa Investment Advisors LLC now possesses a remarkable 203,000 shares of Kyndryl’s stock, acquiring an additional 20,373 shares during this period. As a result, the institutional investor’s holdings in Kyndryl have amounted to a staggering $2,996,000 at the conclusion of the most recent reporting phase.

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The trading session opened for NYSE:KD at $13.28 on Friday—an intriguing figure that caught many investors’ attention. Over the last fifty days leading up to this crucial date, Kyndryl’s stock price has demonstrated stability with an average of $12.87 per share based on its simple moving average. Moreover, when considering a lengthier two-hundred-day simple moving average analysis, KD has been observed to stand at around $13.81 per share—a commendable testament to its endurance throughout various market conditions.

It is worth noting that Kyndryl Holdings has experienced both triumphs and setbacks within the past year concerning its share value—a fate shared by numerous enterprises across industries affected by unprecedented global events during these trying times. Interestingly enough, over this twelve-month period, Kyndryl reached both a soaring high of $17.21 and a challenging low of $7.93 in terms of its stock price—a stunning rollercoaster ride that left investors breathless.

Examining Kyndryl’s financial health, it is divulged that the company maintains a current ratio of 1.02—the ratio used to measure its ability to pay off short-term obligations efficiently. Its quick ratio, which evaluates its liquidity by excluding inventory from current assets, aligns with this figure at an equally impressive 1.02. Furthermore, concerning its capital structure, Kyndryl exhibits a debt-to-equity ratio of 2.13—a metric that encapsulates the proportion of debt utilized compared to equity.

It is apparent that Nisa Investment Advisors LLC’s amplified stake in Kyndryl Holdings, Inc., alongside the intricate details surrounding the company’s stock performance and financial indicators, has sparked investor curiosity. This reality epitomizes the importance and influence these factors hold within the realm of contemporary finance.

As we progress further into 2023 and beyond, market observers remain eager to witness Kyndryl’s trajectory unfold while closely scrutinizing Nisa Investment Advisors LLC’s endeavors alongside those of other hedge funds invested in KD. The uncertain future will undoubtedly continue captivating financial aficionados worldwide as they constantly seek new opportunities with heightened vigilance and due diligence in this dynamic investment landscape

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Exploring Institutional Investor Interest in Kyndryl Holdings, Inc.: An Analysis of Recent Activity

Kyndryl Holdings, Inc.: An In-depth Analysis of Recent Institutional Investor Activity

July 28, 2023

In recent months, there have been notable changes in the positions of institutional investors regarding Kyndryl Holdings, Inc. Several financial heavyweights have adjusted their stakes in the company, signaling a growing interest in its potential. These developments offer valuable insights into the market’s perception of Kyndryl and its future prospects.

One such investor is Captrust Financial Advisors, which increased its stake in shares of Kyndryl by 3.7% during the fourth quarter. This move saw Captrust Financial Advisors acquire an additional 630 shares valued at approximately $196,000. TCTC Holdings LLC also demonstrated confidence in Kyndryl by raising its stake by 0.9%, acquiring 660 additional shares worth around $857,000.

AdvisorNet Financial Inc took a more significant leap by increasing its stake in Kyndryl by 15.7% during the first quarter. This resulted in the acquisition of an extra 727 shares valued at $79,000. Parallel Advisors LLC followed suit with a substantial increase of 55.9% during the fourth quarter and acquired an additional 896 shares worth $28,000.

Greenwich Wealth Management LLC concluded this period of institutional investor activity by lifting its stake in Kyndryl by 4.1%. The company purchased an additional 900 shares valued at $254,000. Collectively, these institutional investors now hold a staggering 63.33% of Kyndryl’s stock.

The confidence displayed by these institutional investors is mirrored by research analysts who have issued positive reports on Kyndryl. Susquehanna lowered the company’s price objective from $17 to $14 but maintained an optimistic outlook on its performance. Similarly, Scotiabank assigned a “sector outperform” rating and a price objective of $22, signaling a favorable stance on Kyndryl.

To gain further insights into investor sentiment surrounding Kyndryl, interested parties can consult the latest 13F filings and insider trades on These filings provide comprehensive information on the holdings and transactions of hedge funds, shedding light on the strategies employed by seasoned investors.

Turning to financial performance, Kyndryl recently released its earnings results for the quarter ended May 16th. The company exceeded analysts’ expectations by reporting earnings per share (EPS) of ($0.21), beating consensus estimates of ($1.23) by an impressive $1.02. Moreover, Kyndryl generated revenue of $4.26 billion during this period, surpassing analyst forecasts of $4.13 billion.

Despite these positive results, it is crucial to acknowledge that Kyndryl has faced challenges related to return on equity and net margin. The company experienced a negative return on equity of 27.55% and a negative net margin of 8.07%. However, market analysts anticipate that Kyndryl will post EPS of -0.66 for the current fiscal year.

Kyndryl Holdings, Inc., operates as a global technology services company and IT infrastructure services provider. Its diverse range of offerings encompasses cloud services, core enterprise and zCloud services, application and data services driven by artificial intelligence, digital workplace services, security and resiliency services, as well as network and edge services.

As institutional investment activities evolve in response to market dynamics, tracking changes in these positions becomes increasingly vital for investors seeking valuable insights into promising companies like Kyndryl Holdings, Inc.(NYSE:KD).

Disclaimer: This article contains opinions solely based on available information as at July 28th ,2023

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