Starrail’ “Keeps Genshin Impact’s Most Awkward Mechanics”

Sub Levels

one of Genshin Impact”most insane mechanics teeth Game Artifact System. Certain stats are randomly enhanced when equipment is upgraded.Unfortunately HoYoverse doesn’t support this mechanism Honkai: Starrail under a new name.

HoYo’s latest project has a relic system that equips characters with up to six pieces of gear that increase stats such as ATK, DEF, and SPD. It’s up to the player to choose the pieces that best complement their character. however, Genshinmay be difficult at the level of random chance involved in the process.

Everything depends on DEF, I feel. :’)


Honkai: Starrail RNG has five levels.

  • Key stats
  • sub-statistics
  • base number of initial substats
  • How much goes into each substat
  • Base number for each substatus

Each Relic has its main stats highlighted at the top of its profile. If you’re collecting attack boosting relics, you should use things like Critical DMG, Critical Chance, ATK, etc. as your main stats. Every time you level up your relic, your main stats will increase. Then the sub-stats themselves add a few more RNG layers on top of that.

Honkai: Starrail There is also a random range of base numbers for each relic sub-stat.One relic may have a higher critical chance sub-stat than another relic, This is enough to emphasize finding a higher base sub-statistic for the ideal artifact. Imagine him grinding to get 5% more critical rate than the luckiest player on the planet.

Thankfully, Relics have a lower max level than Artifacts. genshin impactso you don’t have to spend a lot of resources to level them up.

As soon as you reach a 5-star Relic, which is the highest level Relic in the game, each Relic immediately displays 3-4 sub-stats. Relics randomly increase one of their sub-stats every three levels, such as level 3, level 6, and so on. If you get 4 sub-stats, it means that in the next few levels you will definitely go up one of those 4 sub-stats. If you only get 3, the next milestone unlocks the 4th sub-stat before raising the sub-stat. There is only advantage over relics.

Honkai: Starrail‘s relic system is pretty much the same at first. A high-level player like Valkyrja has noticed that the game offers him the option to create custom relics at Trailblaze level 40, but it’s not that easy. To do this, you need 100 Relic Remains or 1 Self-Modeling Resin. Relic Remains are earned by salvaging 5-star Relics. Low-level relics can only be collected as level-up materials.

That means you need at least 100 5-star rejections to create a custom relic. You can also get 1 free self-made resin at level 40 of the Nameless Honor Battle Pass. It’s a huge improvement to even have the option to create your own relic after you’ve pulverized it for each battle, but until then you’ll have to suffer through the remaining layers of RNG.

oh you can payment Get more Relics from the Battle Pass. Well done, HoYo.

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