Spee-Dee’s One Retiree and Two New Sales Managers


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Chrzan has spent the past 13 years SpeedyI took on the role of Regional Sales Manager. During this time, Chrzan grew the company’s sales throughout the Midwest while building long-term customer relationships. His optimistic outlook, can-do attitude, and equipment experience left an impression on the team over the years, and he ultimately helped shape Spee-Dee into the company it is today. After his retirement, Kurzan will enjoy his family, friends, music and the true love of his life: guitar.

Mr. Herman has been working speedily for over 18 years, first starting while attending the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. During his tenure at Spee-Dee, Harmann held various positions including his CNC machinist, machine shop leader, project manager, sales application manager and sales engineering manager. In this role, he will manage sales in Wisconsin and Illinois, where the culmination of his Spee-Dee experience will prove beneficial.

Kasik joins Spee-Dee with over 28 years of experience in the filling, packaging, manufacturing and product design industries. Early in his career, he worked at Baxter/Cardinal Healthcare as Project Engineer, Special Project Manager and Production Supervisor, responsible for the installation, relocation and start-up of production lines around the world. For the last 19 years he has been selling filling and packaging machines, 18 of which he is the Independent Representative of Spee-Dee Equipment. With this wealth of experience, Spee-Dee is thrilled to welcome his Kasik as our newest Regional Sales Manager for the Midwest.

“Rick has been a valuable member of our team over the years and his contributions will have a lasting impact. We all wish him well on his next journey.” Mark Navin, Vice President of Sales, said:“Danny and Todd are strong additions to our regional sales team and we are confident that we will continue to grow and maintain strong relationships with our customers throughout the Midwest.”

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