Social and moral psychology of COVID-19 across 69 countries

Sub Levels

  • Conceptualization: F.A. Data curation: F.A., T.P., W.M.S. and G.R. Formal analysis: F.A., F.C.A., T.P., T.E. and J.C.R. Investigation: F.A. Methodology: F.A. Project administration: F.A. Resources: F.A. Software: F.A. and T.P. Supervision: F.A. Validation: F.A. and R.M.R. Visualization: F.A., F.C.A., T.E., H.F.C., L.C., C.L. and J.C.R. Writing – original draft: F.A., B.G., R.M.R. and P.S. Writing – review & editing: ICSMP Collaborators.

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