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State news:

SANTA FE — The Legislative and Finance Committee, with bipartisan leadership from New Mexico’s House and Senate, has launched a national search for a new director for the state’s Legislative and Finance Committee (LFC). This follows the retirement of longtime LFC director David Abbey at the end of May.

As the Congress’ Chief Financial Advisor, the Director leads the annual budget recommendation process and oversight of state agencies for the nonpartisan Legislative and Finance Committee. The Director manages a staff of analysts, economists, and researchers, organizes Interim Commission hearings, and oversees the preparation of reports on agency progress, policy issues, and the financial implications of proposed legislation. To do. The Director also helps foster cooperation between political parties and Congress in establishing state budgets.

“The LFC Director is committed to helping us develop a responsible budget framework that addresses our greatest challenges and ensures that state agencies are best able to serve the needs of New Mexicans. It plays an important role in the state,” said LFC Chairman George Muñoz (D-Gallup). “We look forward to finding a strong new Secretary with a unique combination of fiscal and policy expertise, collaborative skills and a passion for public service as a great successor to Secretary Abbey. ”

“The next LFC Director will help guide the state’s fiscal policy at a pivotal time in our history. New Mexico’s record earnings bring unprecedented opportunity and great responsibility.” ,” said LFC Vice-Chairman Nathan Small (D-Las Cruces). “This is a dream job with the right knowledge, skills, and experience to take responsibility and keep the state moving forward in a way that reflects New Mexico’s values.”

“Good governance requires strong scrutiny of taxpayers’ hard-earned money,” said LFC Senate Republican Senator Bill Shearer (R-Farmington). “I look forward to working with the Legislative and Finance Committee’s incoming chairman to work with legislators to lead New Mexico to financial prosperity.”

“The next LFC director has big shoes to fill. We have fiscal responsibility and a visionary director to advise and work with Congress in formulating the budget.” (R-Magdalena), LFC Republican House Ranking. “We look forward to learning more about the nationwide survey to select her next LFC director and ensuring that the process is transparent and fair for the income-generating families we manage. I believe it will be.”

Applications are due by noon on Tuesday, May 23.

For more information and how to apply, check out the official job listings below.

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