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During the week of April 10th, the School of Commerce hosted a five-day workshop.
A program for FAMU students and the wider community to learn about financial management and
Improve their financial literacy.

The goal of the workshop was to develop and increase the mind and knowledge of the students
money, budget, investment. Various activities during FAMU’s Financial Literacy Week
and an event was held.

The event was led by financial experts, including professors and guest speakers.
Providing guidance and advice on topics ranging from budgeting to investing to retirement

SBI Partners with Society for Financial Education and Professional Development (SFEPD)
Financial Ambassador and Scout.Monday was ‘Kickoff Fireside’ as the start of Literacy Week
Chat” with CEI and Scout co-founder Mike Haddix.

The first day’s workshop started with student-athletes in the SBI G12 North building.In this
Sessions, athletes were provided with one-on-one coaching sessions and workshops to assist them
Understand their finances better and make informed decisions.

FAMU helps by providing financial education resources and tools for student-athletes.
In avoiding common financial pitfalls and preparing for the long term, these athletes
financial success.

A follow up chat with Haddix the next day was “Lit All Day Lit Hours”.

This included workshops on stress management, mindfulness, self-care and introduction to mental care.
Medical professionals and financial counselors. It also provides tools for students and parents.
Manage their finances effectively and build a solid financial future.

Jessica Kennell, parent of an A&M student in Florida, said her son
I had the proper education to manage money at this event.

“My son is learning how to manage his own money and I am happy. Thank you FAMU.
The more you learn, the more you grow,” Kennell said.These students are our future and FAMU
We are well prepared for real world financial conditions. “

Final day of Financial Literacy Week hosted by SBI after a long day of eating and socializing
Final Event: Zoom’s “Finance Lunch and Learning” with Chief Dana Peterson
The economist on the conference board.

Zoom Call student Jennifer Lewis shared her thoughts on Zoom meetings.

“First, I want to be a great woman. She drops some important information
The economic perspective of managing money in the world we live in today,” Lewis said. “she
The black successful woman who gave me advice, and the inside scoop on her life was amazing.
I learned a lot through Zoom meetings. “

By participating in the events we host, students have learned about a variety of personal topics.
Obtaining funding, developing practical skills, and access to resources and tools to help them
Manage their finances effectively.

FAMU SBI Financial Literacy Week tackled the growing issue of financial literacy.
university student.Many students need to acquire essential knowledge and skills to manage
Their finances effectively lead to debt, lower credit scores, and financial stress.

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