Santa’s Village in New Hampshire retires roller coaster after 35 years.


After decades of flying with exuberant passengers, the New Hampshire roller coaster named after the beloved reindeer will soon retire.

Rudy’s Rapid Transit Roller Coaster in Santa’s Village in Jefferson, New Hampshire has captivated people of all ages for 35 years. this month.

Coasters will be discontinued in the fall.

According to the park’s website, since 1988, a steel roller coaster with multiple inclines and turns that can reach speeds of up to 22 mph has been one of Santa’s Village’s main attractions. However, the ride was at Benson’s Animal Park (New England Playworld) in Hudson, New England, and from 1981 to 1987 he became known as the “Firefly Coaster.”

Although the ride is a “family favorite,” Santa’s Village said on Facebook that Rudy’s Rapid Transit is “an old coaster whose parts are getting harder and harder to repair and replace.”

However, with Rudy soon being out of the line-up, the park has hinted that a new ride may be in the works.

“We will soon share news about improvements for upcoming seasons,” Park said.

Many who have trekked to northern New Hampshire for years to enjoy the amusement parks have grown nostalgic about the roller coaster’s impending retirement, with one saying it was “heartbreaking.”

“First time coaster ever. I loaded up as Firefly at Benson’s and when I visited Santa’s Village I was thrilled to find out they added it. So many great memories. Will be missed,” another Facebook post said. commenter added.

Santa’s Village opens on select weekends from May 27th and officially opens for the summer season from June 19th. Park said.

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