Rockville Financial Advisor Joins NAPFA Public Policy Committee

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Clark Kendall, who lives in Sandy Springs with his wife Diane, is the president and CEO of Kendall Capital in Rockville.

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Rockville, Md. — Clark Kendall, president and CEO of Kendall Capital of Rockville, recently announced that he has joined the Public Policy Committee of the National Association of Individual Financial Advisers.

A 10-member committee develops NAPFA’s positions on legislative and regulatory issues affecting the fee-only financial planning community. He then distributes these positions to his NAPFA members, the media, consumers, and policy makers.

“The integrity of financial professionals is critical to the ability of Americans to achieve their financial goals and build wealth,” Kendall said in a release. “He upholds the highest professional standards and influences policy in ways that benefit financial consumers.


Kendall has over 30 years of investment and wealth management experience and founded Kendall Capital in 2005. He is a member of the Washington Association of Chartered Financial Analysts and was a former stock seat holder on the New York Stock Exchange. From 1999 to his 2004, he was Chief Investment Officer at Potomac Asset Management. Prior to that, he served as Vice President, Member of the Investment Committee, and Portfolio Manager at Pell Rudman Trust Company.

Kendall is a frequent commentator on financial and economic issues and has been quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, USA Today, Fortune, and CNBC. He is also the author of Middle Class Millionaires and Middle Class Millionaire Women co-authored with Carol Petrov.

A graduate of James Madison University, Kendall lives in Sandy Springs with his wife, Diane.

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