Retired Broken Arrow teacher volunteers as a daily tutor


Former Broken Arrow teacher is still in the classroom after retirement.

Debbie Crawford is a volunteer tutor who has been active for many years after retirement.

She looked up the site word with first grader Austin Regenhard on Monday.

“I’ve always taught first grade, and that’s my love,” Crawford said.

Crawford retired in 2018 after teaching at Arrowhead Elementary School and Oak Crest Elementary School for approximately 14 years. A year after her retirement, she began volunteering at her Oak Crest.

“It was so boring,” she said of her retirement. I thought she only came to school three days a week.

“It turned out they weren’t making the profit that I wanted. Of course repetition is key and the pandemic happened. Great,” Crawford said.

Crawford says that while he sees the benefits his students are getting, they are getting just as much in return.

“Just looking at my kids makes me smile. It wakes me up in the morning,” she said.

Crawford volunteers Monday through Friday, mentoring 6-7 students per week.

“If they let me come, I think I’ll be back next year,” she said.

Now, in his retirement, he is spending his time making precious memories with his grandchildren and making the lessons last a lifetime.

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