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Senators ask TIGTA to investigate allegations of unfair targeting and preferential treatment

Washington DC –Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee, led by ranking member Mike Crapo (Republican, Idaho), have urged the U.S. Treasury Director of Taxation (TIGTA) to unfairly target and preferential treatment in high-profile cases by the Internal Revenue Service. We are asking you to investigate recent allegations relating to Service (IRS).

The Senator’s request is based on two news reports.

  • IRS employees visited journalist Matt Taibbi’s home to discuss Taibbi’s tax returns the same day he testified before a special subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee on Federal Weaponization.and
  • A veteran IRS Criminal Supervision Special Agent claims to give priority to prominent, controversial, and politically connected individuals whose information is based on sworn testimony before Congress by senior political nominees. was inconsistent with

in the letter, the senator notes, that TIGTA has the responsibility and authority to oversee IRS operations. This includes its criminal functions and employees.

“Americans have a right to know whether the above serious allegations are being investigated. We request TIGTA to provide regular updates and briefings on the progress of its investigations into these matters to members of the Finance Committee.”

read the full letter here the following:

Dear Inspector George:

We are emailing you to request an investigation into two reports involving the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The first request for an investigation involves reports that the IRS allegedly targeted journalist Matt Taibbi. In short, on the same day Mr. Taibi testified about government misconduct before the House Judiciary Committee Special Subcommittee on Federal Weaponization, an IRS employee showed up at his home unannounced. to speak. with him. Contrary to the context and timing of Taibi’s documents and testimony about government misconduct, the IRS agent reportedly made a surprise in-person visit to Mr. Taibi’s home and the IRS investigation into Mr. Taibi’s tax returns. Timing questions regarding IRS procedures and operations, especially as they relate to these alleged facts.

The second demand for an investigation was made by the whistleblower in an article published on April 19, 2023, entitled “Hunter Biden Investigation Mishandled, IRS Supervisor Says.” It comes from a report that The article states:

A letter sent to Congress on Wednesday said the Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Oversight Special Agent has information that contradicts sworn testimony by “senior political appointees.” According to the letter, the supervisor also has information that it “failed to mitigate an apparent conflict of interest in the final disposition of the case.”

According to the letter, the supervisor said that “preferential treatment and politics were inappropriately infected with the decisions and protocols that career law enforcement professionals would normally follow in similar circumstances if the subject was not politically relevant.” have details that indicate that

The letter says the supervisor has overseen “continuous and careful investigation of high-profile and controversial subjects since early 2020,” but did not name them. The investigation in question involves a young Biden, people familiar with the matter said.

The Wall Street Journal article explains in detail:

A Wednesday letter from IRS agent attorney Mark Lytle said his client wants whistleblower protection for providing his information. It was directed at both Republican and Democratic leaders of the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee.

“Despite the serious risk of reprisal, my client has offered to provide the information necessary to exercise your constitutional oversight function, and to the guidance of relevant committees on both sides of the political pathway. We would like to disclose this information in a non-partisan manner to the public.” Letter signed by Mr. Lytle.

According to the letter, the employee had previously disclosed his information internally to the IRS and to the Department of Justice inspector general. According to the letter, he is restricted from sharing some information due to privacy laws that protect tax return information for Americans.

The Lytle letter also states that the “Career IRS Criminal Supervision Special Agent,” among other things, is prepared to share testimony with Congress on a bipartisan, bicameral basis.

The Financial Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) has the responsibility and authority under the Inspector General Act of 1978 to oversee the operations of the Internal Revenue Service, including criminal functions and employees. Americans have a right to know whether the above serious allegations are being investigated. We urge TIGTA to immediately initiate an investigation into each of the two above-mentioned investigation requests, and we urge TIGTA to keep members of the Finance Committee informed of the progress of investigations on these issues on a regular basis. We request that you provide us with relevant updates and briefings.

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