Rajasthan Royals Record, Katherine Silver-Blunt’s Retirement Match, IPL Mass Record – In case you missed it


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The beginning of the end: what was the first over like after Jaishwar dismantled Nitish Rana BCCI

The Rajasthan Royals are back from a tumultuous IPL campaign, delivering a devastating blow against the Kolkata Knight Riders this week, with Yashasvi Jaishwar breaking the IPL record for fastest 50 points in the match. It’s going to be a decisive few weeks for this tournament, with teams battling for a place in the playoffs by a narrow margin at the moment. And she was joined by England stalwart Katherine Silver-Blunt, who has opted not to stay in next month’s women’s ashes tournament after Shabnim Ismail ended her international career last week. Here are all the stories you may have missed.

Katherine Silver-Blunt retires from international cricket after 19-year career
England’s veteran fast bowler announced last week that he would be withdrawing from international competition ahead of this summer’s Ashes. Andrew Miller We look back at six of her standout performances during her illustrious career.

Jaishwar and Chahal beat records and KKR
After losing five of their last six games, the Royals kept their campaign alive with a dramatic victory at Eden Gardens, breaking many records in the process. Karthik Krishnaswamy We look at how Yuzvendra Chahal overtook Dwayne Bravo to become the IPL’s top wicket taker. Sureshth Shah Yashasvi Jaishwar isn’t out on 47 pitches, but analyzes a staggering 50 pitches leading up to a game-winning 98 pitches. Trent Boult, who gave the Royals the chance to get the ball rolling in that game, previously said: mat roller We interviewed him comprehensively about his desire to remain in the New Zealand squad after abandoning his international contract, his first-over heroism in this IPL and the club vs. national debate. Shashank Kishore We spoke with Sandeep Sharma, another player to shine in RR this season. He joined as a stand-in for Prashid Krishna, but seized the opportunity to make an impact.

IPL 2023: Relentless runfest with no signs of slowing down
S Rajesh examines the notable trends that will continue this season: unprecedented numbers, massive scoring, and batters dominating all the time.

Rahul Tewatia: ‘In 2018 I decided I had to play like I was the main player in the team’
Gujarat Titans All-around Player Spoken Nagraj Gollapudi On his journey from domestic cricket to the IPL, his confidence and his most memorable IPL innings.

Rob Key: ‘I thought, what’s the worst that could happen?’ We’re going to keep losing, but it’s going to be crazy
Interviewed by England’s cricket division managing director. Vitushan Ehantaraja He discusses his management philosophy, what made Buzzball so successful, and how to combat the lure of franchise cricket. however, mat roller He said the ECB’s resistance to the IPL has waned in recent years, with English players now playing key roles in nearly every franchise.

Who is the visiting hitter with the most RBIs in Pakistan’s men’s ODI since 2000?
And who has the best bowling record in Pakistan’s men’s ODI? Test your knowledge by taking our quiz on the history of Pakistan’s ODI.

Is it already too late to sort out the balance of the cricket format?
Ian Chappell I’m concerned that T20, and more specifically IPL, is expanding at a rate that distorts the shape of the game beyond recognition.

Does Ireland’s Ben White hold the record for the most goals conceded in a test innings with six?
And who has the highest test batting average without scoring in a century? Stephen Lynch In this week’s ‘Ask Steven’ we answer stats and trivia questions.

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