Quick 18 with Anthony Nash: ‘I was always the sub-goalkeeper, but I never thought I could do it’

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rear A stellar hurling career that earned him two All-Stars Anthony Nash reveals his passion for golf and his questions needed to achieve that perfect life balance


club: Lee Valley

Former Cork Hurling goalkeeper Anthony Nash won back-to-back All-Star Awards in 2012 and 2013.

He still enjoys the sport and inherited his love of golf from his father on the fairways of Kanturk. The left-hander is now channeling his inner Phil his Mickelson, aiming to excel on the fairways as a scratch-his golfer while maintaining a delicate life. The balance that helped him reach such daunting heights between the bars.

1.How’s your golf going? Like most other golfers, it’s inconsistent. He was hitting the ball well, but he was still inexperienced when it came to learning how to play golf. Take a lesson, your long game is very good, but your short game has a lot of room for improvement.

2.What made you start playing games? My father was and still is an avid golfer. So when he was climbing the Kanturk course, I smashed his head and asked him to tag along. The first club he got was right-handed, but he soon realized I was left-handed and bought me his cut-down 4-iron that I had been using for several years. I was. I’ve been playing hurling since I was 6 years old, but I only played hurling 5 or 6 times a year. He then moved to Blarney where he finished hurling before joining Lee Valley. It’s a tough but nice course.

3.Choose your weapon… screwdriver or putter? why? I drive all day because I have an idea where it’s going (laughs). But when it comes to putters, I have a lot to learn. Very frustrating. When I played in the recent Lee Valley Senior Scratch Cup, I was beating a lot of guys, but from 50-60 yards, on the green, they were right in front of me.

Four.Link or park? why? I love playing with Link. I think it’s wonderful. Very tough and I’m not saying I’m a good links player, but I love the history of links golf and the idea of ​​great places to be in Ireland. Legend has been fortunate to play Rosapenna several times over the years on his tour. One of my favorites of him is actually Cork Golf Club. It’s a very nice golf course, but when it comes to links, Rosapenna is the one I’ve played the most.

Five.When was the happiest moment on the golf course? I’m a sunny golfer, so after March weather, I’m happy whenever I’m hanging out with friends, doing little things, and playing. That’s the difficulty of getting it out of them more than anything.At Lee Valley he plays with Ronan Curran and takes pictures every time he wins. I feel happiest when I receive money from him.

6.Who was your childhood sports hero? I am a United fan so Roy Keane would have been a hero to captain Manchester United. And my family played in Limerick. They would have been my idols as my uncle Michael plays and his son Barry is currently playing cornerback for Limerick. I was lucky to be in the middle of people playing at the highest level.

Then when I started playing golf and in relation to being left-handed, I would have looked up to Phil Mickelson growing up and obviously Tiger Woods coming onto the scene. I was interested in, so I was able to keep naming people.

7.What is the name of a rival or opponent that you particularly admire and why? I was in the goal, so I was not good at facing the front line (laughs). It’s hard to individualize, but around the time I started my career, Eoin Kelly was finishing his career and he was always an exceptional hurler. I could have mentioned, but he was such a big man for Tipperary that I would have really respected him.

8.What are your golf ambitions? do you have? For now, I have some basic ambitions. Last year I hit an under 2 for the first time, so I want to challenge par more consistently. I knew I couldn’t do it every day, but my short-term goal is to keep the big rounds in check. As ironic as it may sound when he was so poor in the Lee Valley, the big event he wants to attend one and qualify for. But I’m certainly miles away from that. Playing somewhere like the South of Ireland Championship is a very long term goal (laughs).

9.Name your dream four-ball. and the name of the venue. Well, I would like to play in Augusta, but I would appreciate it if you could arrange it (laughs). As an avid golfer, it would be silly not to mention Tiger Woods. he would have smashed his head i plucked his brain all the way i’m good friends with john his murphy playing on his DP world tour so i would love to have him join I want to When I was growing up, my dad loved him just for the fact that he could hit the ball this far. Must. So two big johns and a tiger.

Ten.What has been your proudest moment in your career so far? Growing up, I was always a sub-goalkeeper. So it was great to actually play in 2012, to be handed an All-Star at the end of it, and to prove that I deserved the position. bottom. It may sound clichéd and clichéd, but my family pushed me. So playing in 2012 and winning an All-Star and proving I was good enough to play for Cork was probably the proudest moment for me.

11.If you could mulligan during your career, what would you mulligan? The 2013 All-Ireland final, where I drew with Clare and lost in the replay, was the closest I came to an All-Ireland winner. But like all sports, especially golf, you lose more than you win. But in 2013, it’s my mulligan.

12.If you could only play one more round, where would you play? Adareso. What a great course that is for everyone. It is truly top class. And the idea that the Ryder Cup will be there is just great.

13.What’s your favorite par 3? I love number 16 in Adare Manor. It’s a great setting with the mansion behind and the lake in front. I was lucky enough to play on this course. The 18th is just around the corner, but what a great finish to a really great course.

14.In general, if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? On the golf course, I am very hard on myself and expect myself to know what to do in golf, just like I knew what to do in hurling. I would like to reduce the burden on myself.

15.If you could change anything in golf, what would it be? my short game and putting. Miles away from where it should be now. But I’m working on it.

16.what is your most treasured possession? In the event of a fire, what would you save first (after family and pets, of course)?my golf bag At his Drive Golf Performance in Glanmire he has a set of Miura irons purchased from Pádraig Dooley. they are great So it would have to be them.

17.Who is your favorite golfer of all time and why? I would have been John Daly when I grew up. He was carefree and overswinging, sending the ball far away. he was really nice. Everyone would say Tiger, but John Daly was great. And another guy I love and became a model for myself, he was left-handed and was Phil Mickelson.

18.What are your thoughts on perfect happiness? Happiness is when you value life balance above all else. In Cork I was lucky enough to meet sports psychologist Gary Keegan. If any of them are turned off, you will have problems. Perfect happiness is about being in balance.

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