ProShare Advisors LLC Increases SEI Investments Stake by 39.5%: What Does This Mean for Asset Managers?

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In a recent disclosure to the Securities and Exchange Commission, ProShare Advisors LLC announced that it increased its holding in SEI Investments by 39.5% in the fourth quarter of 2022. At the end of the reporting period he made $39,880,000. The news has caught the attention of both investors and shareholders trying to determine what this means for his SEI Investments Co, which provides an investment processing, management and operating platform.

SEI Investments operates in five business divisions: Private Bank, Investment Advisor, Institutional Investor, Investment Manager and New Business Investor. The Private Bank segment is particularly significant as it provides an outsourced investment processing and administration platform to banks and trust institutions worldwide, along with independent wealth and financial advisors. SEI Investments offers a wide range of services to this broad client group and is well positioned to grow in today’s market.

SEI Investments shares on Wednesday opened at $58.76 for a market cap of $7.89 billion, with a P/E ratio of 17.03 and a P/E/G ratio of 1.40, respectively, while maintaining a beta score of 1.02. The Simple Moving Average (SMA) data shows relatively stable overall stock price movements over both the short (50 days) and long (200 days) periods.

As we approach mid-2023, amid speculation over stock market performance expectations due to global economic uncertainty induced by monetary policy, coupled with the COVID-19 recession and political instability, investors are: We are increasingly looking at stocks like SEI Investments because they seem consistent enough amidst these unpredictability.

The motivation behind ProShare Advisors LLC’s increased holdings in SEI investments remains unclear, but as confidence from traders grows, this will be another feather in the cap on SEI investments. SEI Investments is expected to outperform its peers and continue to generate strong returns for investors and shareholders based on its breadth of services, industry expertise and financial stability in volatile markets.

Institutional Investors Show Confidence in SEI Investments Amid Insider Trading and Q4 Earnings Announcement

SEI Investments Co, a global provider of investment management and processing services, has attracted institutional investor interest in recent quarters. Private Trust Co. NA has purchased a new position worth $39,000 at SEI Investments in the second quarter of 2023. Following Q3 2023, Wipfli Financial Advisors LLC acquired shares for approximately $40,000. Meanwhile, Harel Insurance Investments & Financial Services bought a new stake in his SEI Investments worth about $42,000 in the fourth quarter of the same year. Institutional investors have shown strong interest in Bessemer Group Inc., which increased its stake by 790.8%, and Twin Tree Management LP, which increased its stake by 103.7%. Approximately 69.45% of SEI’s shares are currently owned by institutional investors, according to recent filings.

In news related to the shareholding structure, Chairman Alfred P West Jr. sold approximately 37,566 shares on February 8 at an average price of $63.59, bringing the total transaction value to approximately $2.4 million, with a further sale on March 23. 36,462 shares were sold. $55.40 per share represents a total transaction value of over $2 million. This is part of a series of sales in which Insiders have sold up to 235,523 shares over the past three months, representing an approximate 25.4% stake owned by Insiders.

SEI Investments offers a variety of investment-related outsourcing and technology-based solutions serving private banks and institutions around the world, including but not limited to investment processing and management platforms for independent asset and financial advisors worldwide. It offers.

SEI Investments recently announced that it reported earnings per share of $0.83 in its fourth quarter earnings call, beating consensus expectations of $0.79. Revenues for the quarter were down $456 million from a -9% year-over-year revenue level. SEI’s net profit margin was 23.88%, and its business capital ratio recorded a return of 26.69%. Oppenheimer repeats his SEIC “outperform” rating and offers a $68 stock price target, according to a recent analyst report. Meanwhile, took over his coverage of SEI Investments and gave the company a “Hold” rating profile, while Piper Sandler rated the company “Neutral.” Finally, Morgan Stanley, despite maintaining an underweight rating, recently raised its price target from $54 to $58 and upgraded its outlook.

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