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Pamlico County School Superintendent Lisa Jackson announced her intention to retire at the May 1, 2023 meeting of the Pamlico County Board of Education. Her retirement will take effect on September 1, 2023.

A native of Aurora, she spent more than 34 years in public education in Pamlico County in various positions, including teacher, assistant principal, principal, and director of school/community relations, before becoming superintendent in 2015. 6 years of community college.

Jackson graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, a Master’s Degree in Reading Education, and an Add-On Graduate Certificate in Management. Jackson was honored by the Southeast Asian Education Alliance as Regional Superintendent of Education for 2021-22.

Jackson is known throughout the state for his work focused on shared leadership and collaborative engagement with many different stakeholder groups during critical times such as hurricane recovery and the pandemic experience. increase. She led the community through her two major hurricanes that closed Pamlico County Middle School, securing resources to rebuild and repair the school, while adapting other schools to accommodate displaced students. , ensured that students received an education.

Her goal was to raise funds to build a new 6-12 school so that students in Pamlico County would never have to worry about flooding their schools again. She invites community and state leaders to schools, gives presentations to state school board leaders, makes phone calls to local and state political representatives, answers many questions from the community, and more. , worked diligently towards this goal.

With $50 million in funding for 2023, plans are currently underway to build 6-12 new schools. Jackson has also seen other highlights of her career in public education:

● Improved graduation rates, EVAAS growth, and NC School Report Card grades.

● Implement improvement/strengthening programs within the school to ensure that all students

opportunity to participate.

● Improved communication and collaboration between school and home/community.

Live streaming school board meetings, increasing your web and social media presence,

Appoint a director of community outreach.

● Smithsonian Center for Science and Education;

Friday Institute, NC SMT Center, and Golden Leaf Foundation.Other partnerships

Heartworks, Girls on the Run, PYDCO, YNTO, Hodges Education Foundation,

Camps Seagull and Seafarer, Perry Griffin Foundation, Pamlico Christian Academy,

Pamlico Partnership for Children, Pamlico Community College, Rotary International,

Oriental Women’s Club, Pamlico Music Society, Pamlico Arts Council, 4H.

● Raised funding for multiple STEM programs, building labs, and purchasing technology.

A STEM program to help students stay competitive when seeking employment.

● Obtained funding for curriculum and technology upgrades across the district.

Every classroom has an interactive Promethean panel with a student-to-device ratio of


● Increase teacher subsidies from $1,600 to the current overall average of $5,600

● Securing joining bonuses for teaching positions where it is difficult to secure human resources

Ms. Jackson has continued to demonstrate her passion and love for the students of Pamlico County.

Developing programs and partnerships that provide tools that students may need.

● Our school’s CEP approval

● We are planning county distributions at Fred A in partnership with local food banks.

Anderson Elementary School

● Backpack Blessing (Sponsored by Church): Food bags distributed on Friday afternoons

identified student

● School counselors at each school

● Student Resource Officers in all schools

During the pandemic, community parenting programs received hotspots and supportive personnel while schools were on hybrid schedules or during full school closures. A community center was provided with hotspots and personnel to help work with students.

Jackson forged partnerships and received grants from local businesses to meet community needs.

“My love for this school system is immense,” said Jackson. For most of my teaching career, I have been a teacher, director, AP, principal, and now superintendent of his PCS. How my county functions, the people who make up this special place, the strengths and limitations the county has, and the endless possibilities it can offer to the school system., spending quality time with my family. Spend time and explore other opportunities in the field of education. It has been a great honor to serve as the Superintendent of Pamlico County Schools. These mentors, whom I met through the NC School Superintendents’ Associations Superintendent Executive Leadership program, are a great resource for educators. It has been and remains one of the most important parts of my growth and development as a professional. I was able to support and learn from my colleagues all over North Carolina. I will cherish those friendships forever. I am truly blessed and honored to be able to do this work alongside outstanding students, amazing staff, supportive community members, and dedicated parents and families. . “

Jackson said the final months of her career are no downtime for her. To maintain all the momentum and progress we have made over the years.”

The Pamlico County Board of Education will share plans related to the superintendent’s search process as they become available.

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