Pacer Advisors Inc. Acquires Collegium Pharmaceutical, Insider Sales Raise Investor Questions

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Collegium Pharmaceutical, Inc. has been in the news recently with its recent acquisition by Pacer Advisors Inc. and subsequent sale of shares by CFO Colleen Tupper and EVP Scott Dreyer. This specialty pharmaceutical company is focused on developing next-generation anti-abuse products to treat chronic pain and other related medical conditions.

Pacer Advisors Inc. reportedly purchased more than 300,000 shares of the company’s stock worth nearly $7 million at the end of March this year. This significantly increased Collegium Pharmaceutical’s overall valuation and increased investor confidence.

But there’s been quite a bit of insider sales going on within the company lately. Both the CFO and EVP have sold portions of their holdings, leading some investors to question whether there are potential concerns about the company’s future prospects.

Despite these insider sales, Collegium Pharmaceutical appears to be making steady progress toward achieving its goals. Its cutting-edge products are gaining momentum in an increasingly competitive market, boding well for its long-term growth prospects.

To date, several new drugs, including Xtampza ER, Nucynta ER, Nucynta IR, Belbuca, and Symproic, aimed at relieving chronic pain symptoms with minimal risk of abuse by patients suffering from substance addiction. We have successfully commercialized it.

In conclusion, Collegium Pharmaceuticals is a rising star in the global pharmaceutical industry that relies on technological advances aimed at providing much-needed solutions to pain management while limiting the incidence of substance abuse disorders in patients. Investors should keep an eye on performance in upcoming quarters in light of these new developments recently reported by shareholder activity outlined above, but an innovative R&D sector will emerge soon. I hope that

Collegium Pharmaceutical attracts interest from large investors and analysts

Collegium Pharmaceutical, a pharmaceutical company that specializes in developing abuse deterrent products for the chronic pain market and other ailments, has recently attracted interest from several large investors, according to recent reports. AssetMark Inc. increased its Collegium Pharmaceutical holdings by 52.2% in the third quarter of this year. Meanwhile, Captrust Financial Advisors increased its holdings by 97.5% in the first quarter, followed by PNC Financial Services Group Inc. It increased by 233.9% over the same period. These three companies now hold varying numbers of shares worth a total of $115,000.

In addition to these larger investments, US Capital Wealth Advisors LLC acquired a small new stake worth $56,000 in Collegium Pharmaceutical stock last quarter. Meanwhile, UBS Group AG increased his stake by 300% in the third quarter of this year and now owns 3,556 of his shares worth about $57,000.

Some analysts have recently published reports on COLL stock. Needham & Company LLC endorsed the company with a Buy rating on April 19 and set a price target of $35 per share. began covering Collegium Pharmaceuticals shares last March and gave it a ‘Hold’ rating. Piper Sandler lowered his previous $37 price target to his $35 earlier this month.

Despite price volatility over the past year, with a one-year high of $30.22 and a low of $14.04, the company’s recent report of strong quarterly earnings data suggests long-term investment in Collegium Pharmaceutical is promising. It seems. COL last posted its quarterly earnings data on Feb. 23, showing earnings per share (EPS) estimates beaten (with consensus sentiment of $0.88 to EPS of $0.98). ), giving investors reason to continue to have faith in the university’s pharmaceutical company’s future endeavors.

Analysts and investors keep a close eye on the increasingly intriguing company as Collegium ramps up efforts to commercialize next-generation abuse deterrent products for patients suffering from chronic pain and other conditions is essential.

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