Owls hatch at Lawton Meadows Nature Reserve in Weymouth

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A nesting pair of barn owls laid four eggs last month at Lawton Meadows Nature Reserve in Lawton Lane.

A small owl was spotted thanks to a live webcam from the Dorset Nature Reserve. Dorset Nature Reserve closely monitors bird behavior.

The barn owls have been spotted mating before laying eggs, and four were spotted via webcam on April 19.

The first barn owls hatched on Friday afternoon, but the next few days were “busy” with eggs hatching in the order they were laid, with more barn owls hatching over the weekend.

Four chicks hatched last year, and surprisingly all four survived to fledge in the summer.

Anyone can watch the barn owls preening, mating and feeding at any time through the webcams here.

The Dorset Wildlife Trust, which operates the webcams, said: “We have ‘shocking’ news for you. The first barn owl eggs of 2023 have hatched.”

“If you look carefully, you can see a little owl in front of you as the mother removes the shell from the bottom of the egg.

“Check now to see if you can find an owl, and check regularly to see if you can find more hatching eggs.

“Barn owl eggs hatch in order of being laid about 48 hours apart, so the next few days will be busy with barn owl webcams.”

Dan Bartlett of Dorset Wildlife Trust added:

“We are very hopeful that they will have another successful breeding season. Lawton Meadows’ rugged grasslands will provide a rich supply of food for voles and other animals to help them raise their young.

“Each year’s story is different and we can’t wait to see what Barn Owl has in store for webcam viewers in 2023.”

The webcam was made possible thanks to sponsorship from Dorset-based financial planners PFM Associates.

Managing Director Paul Stokes said, “Webcams are a fantastic initiative to allow us all to see these amazing birds in nature uninterrupted, and have captivated the imagination of thousands of people over the years. has fascinated

“We understand and appreciate the work that the Dorset Wildlife Trust is doing to protect wildlife and natural places in the region and we are delighted to be working closely with them again. ”

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