Norton reflects on his time at TUSD as he prepares to retire


After 37 years in public education, eCademy Charter Principal Tim Norton, 23 of whom work in the Turlock Unified School District, will retire at the end of the 2022-23 school year.

“After 37 years of public education, our twins are now out of college and working for pay. We feel it is time to reflect on our travels, snow skiing, water skiing, hiking, golfing, and incredible educational careers. I did,” said Norton.

Norton notified school districts of his plans to retire earlier this year. This caused Gabe Ontiveros, the current principal of Turlock High School, to resign from his position to succeed him starting in July.

Norton’s first job at TUSD was in 2000 as a fifth grade teacher at Cunningham Elementary School. This job, he believes, was essential to being the father and husband he is today.

“Through the next seven years in the classroom, I was able to be the best possible father to my newborn twins, Connor and Callie, and the best possible husband to my lovely wife Laurie.

In 2007, Norton became principal of Cunningham and in 2010 transferred to Turlock Middle School, where he served as vice-principal. In 2017, when Ontiveros was appointed principal of Turlock Her High, Norton moved to her eCademy Charter and assumed her current role, where education is at the heart of it. Technology-infused materials and assignments to help students better prepare for post-secondary opportunities.

“[I have] The site (eCademy) has been one of the most positive school cultures at TUSD, making students feel valued, respected and 100% appreciated,” said Norton. . “The eCademy staff are the reason the school is so important to the community and the reason why all of our students enjoy their educational experience. I will do everything in my power to support you and your family.

“I cannot thank the staff enough for their support over the last six years. I am extremely proud of our staff and their collective commitment to the school community,” he continued.

With less than three months left in the school year and professional career, Norton’s goals for students remain the same.

“The most important end goal of eCademy is to ensure that all seniors graduate and are fully prepared for college or their chosen career path,” he said. “We have always stressed that students should only do their best.”

Offering only the best is also what Norton wants to do for itself as he wraps up his time at eCademy and looks towards retirement. He also expressed his confidence in Ontiveros to return as principal and continue to build on his progress over the past six years.

“I miss this place,” he said. “But I am happy to know that the staff and students are on good terms with Mr. Ontiveros.”

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