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The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is seeking assistance in evaluating applicants seeking funding from CHIPS and Science Law.

As part of the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act signed into law by President Biden in August 2022, NIST is overseeing $50 billion to revitalize the U.S. semiconductor industry, which includes $39 billion in semiconductor Includes incentives.

according to news NIST, posted on, is seeking input from small businesses that can provide data and analysis on semiconductor equipment and manufacturing plants, also known as “fabs.”

NIST is particularly interested in cost simulation of wafers, which are thin slices of semiconductor material used in electronics. For reference, the 300mm fab he can produce 300mm wafers, or about 12 inches.

Specifically, NIST would like to know the following in order to better evaluate applicants:

  • Wafer and facility level cost simulation for specific semiconductor technologies and geographic locations.
  • Subsystem data for tracking manufacturing equipment and its critical subsystems placed in US fabs.
  • Fab utilization by different types of semiconductor manufacturing market.and
  • 300mm fab data on process technology and capacity.

NIST said the data and analytical tools will help inform government analyses.

  • “Wafer, Assembly and Packaging, and Test Equipment Market Shares, Regional Sales, Applications, and Forecasts, Including Critical Equipment Subsystems.
  • Regularly update key performance indicators (price, inventory, forecasts, equipment, performance indicators, etc.) in the semiconductor and equipment supply chain.
  • Forecasting semiconductor supply chain operations (advanced packaging demand, design, equipment demand, macroeconomic/electronics industry, utilization rates, etc.);
  • A detailed analysis of 300mm fabs including products, nodes and capacities. [and]
  • A customizable cost and pricing modeling tool that supports multiple wafer sizes and cost factors across different geographies, technology nodes and facility levels. “

The agency is currently reviewing responses from small businesses under $19.5 million.

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