NFL veteran considering second retirement


A few veterans have already found new homes during the post-draft free agency wave, while a few others remain on the open market. It is possible to finish your career for the second time.

The 34-year-old started the 2022 season with the Buccaneers but announced his retirement after just two games. He overturned that decision in his December and signed a contract that allows him to: I will resume my tenure at Bills. Beasley’s future remains in doubt again, and he’s anxious to spend more time with his new team during the offseason than he did last year.

“If I don’t attend training camp, I will retire.” He said twitter“If you join when the season has already started, you don’t have a chance to implement and make an impact. Then they don’t want me there.”

Beasley only had seven total catches for Buffalo last season, but he’s open again Play the role of the attacking team.The Bills have been connected to a pass-catching addition this offseason in hopes of reducing their reliance on Stefon Diggs. The first tight end off the board to select Dalton Kincaid and is generally considered the best pass catcher in the class loaded at that position.

Given the role Kincaid will undoubtedly play in the middle of the field, Beasley is likely to be demoted to rotation duty if he re-signs. , said online via Buffalo News, “It was fun while it lasted.”

SMU products scored over 100 targets in each of three full seasons with the Bills. This included his best year in terms of yardage (967 in 2020). Starting full-time The recent nature of his success in his role may be attractive to teams looking for a veteran presence in slots. However, with no offers from the company for the foreseeable future, Beasley seems ready to cut the cleats once and for all.

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