Negligence of duty: Anil Viji suspends five police officers stationed at Narwana police station in Jind

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Haryana Interior Minister Anil Viji on Sunday suspended five police officers, including officers from the Narwana Sadar Police Station (SHO) in Jind.

Haryana Home Affairs Minister Anil Viji (HT file photo)

The suspended police officers include SHO Deputy Inspector Balwan Singh, Chief Sergeants Sandeep and Ramniwas, Sergeants Kuldeep Kumar and Sergeants Raman.

The action came after Anil Viji, on his way from Ambala to Hisar, stopped the march at the Narwana police station in Jind and made a surprise visit. Speaking to the media, Mr. Viji said he had issued an immediate suspension order to five police officers after they were found not to perform their duties diligently.

“During my visit, various negligence and deficiencies were found at the police station. “The police chief will hear the complainant’s complaint at the police station and take further steps toward a resolution.”

After checking reports, documents, registers, applications and other documents at the police station, Mr. Viji found numerous applications for passport verification, but no action was taken against them. said.

“No incidents were registered in the complaints received online. The status of these complaints had not been uploaded online in the past week. A report had been requested on an application from the Market Commission regarding insurance to be granted in connection with , but it turned out that the report was pending,” said Mr Viji.

He further said that the police department’s SHO was suspended for negligence due to his inability to manage operations at any level within the police department. The minister said police officials also did not keep all the records.

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