Movie Room: Cory Trice Jr. Could Be A Versatile Sub-Package Player

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Ahead of the 2023 NFL Draft, I’d like to see the Steelers not only tackle the cornerback position, but consider the possibility of a double-dip at that position, giving them room to fill holes in both the boundary and slot positions. I repeatedly mentioned that I needed to leave. After Pittsburgh picked Joey Porter Jr. as the No. 1 pick in the second round, I figured Pittsburgh would go for that slot late in the draft. The problem is, between the Steelers’ fourth- and seventh-round picks, members have some interesting options for that position, including Louisville’s Caitrell Clarke, TCU’s Trevius-Hodges-Tomlinson, and South Alabama’s Darrell Luther Jr. It’s that I’m out of the

Lacking true slot options, Pittsburgh has taken an interesting path, double-dipping the position and adding another long, physical cornerback candidate, Purdue’s Cory Trice Jr. bottom. In my final movie room, I’ll be a next-level cornerback with a greater focus on Trice’s skills that will help him transition to boundaries, and briefly talk about the variety of interesting positions he can offer early in his career. mentioned. In today’s film room, we’re going to focus on aspects of Trice’s skill set. It allows him to function as a utility man in the subpackage and could possibly be the best avenue to play early on.

A former safety at Purdue, I don’t think he’s best suited for the next level at Boundary Corner, and a full-time transition to his original position isn’t being considered. Rather, despite vastly different skill sets, Trice’s best path to the field could follow in the footsteps of former stealer Cam Sutton and gain playing time as the #4 corner due to the sub-package’s versatility. I think there is. Trice’s physique, physicality, and tackling ability make him a contender for the subpackage’s snap in the role, especially since the Steelers lack major options as a penny backer, especially after the departure of Terrell Edmunds. I should.

The most interesting trait that could help Trice become a versatile sub-packaged weapon in the next level comes from its unique combination of size and physicality. Long-limbed like Joey Porter Jr., Trice seems to have a skeleton that can withstand more weight than his opponents. His physicality speaks for itself, both when covering and attacking downhill as a tackler.

Here, Trice uses outside leverage to wide bunch sets to adjust and counter formations on the border from Michigan’s empty sets. Before the snap, Trice begins crawling downhill anticipating the screen, triggering quickly to break the kickout block and finishing with a physical stick at the catch point. It’s very rare to see a defender triggering so quickly on screen and arriving in time to split a pass, but Trice does just that on this rep. In coverage, he performs best when he can work downhill and use that physicality to his advantage.

Trice’s physicality translates well into the run game, and he does a great job of triggering quickly and evading blockers both on the perimeter and in the box. His ability to fend off blocks on the perimeter is still lacking, but if he can keep it clean, he will play with linebacker-level physicality as a tackler.

Here, Trice uses outside leverage as an overhang defender to tackle tight end sets and connect endmen to run/pass leads on the line of scrimmage. He sees a tight end coming out in a low hat and trying to kick out a standup edge, while Trice folds in to fill the empty C-gap and stops back to work sideways. Force that.

As the backs tried to cut to the sidelines, Trice aimed low, wrapped himself in a great leg tackle and stopped the play behind the line of scrimmage. This person has a good understanding of his teammate’s responsibilities, allowing edge defenders to spill runs, and he also understands reading and executing pre- and post-snap snap keys. . This includes both EMOL’s hi-hat/low-hat and back’s intended path.

While many corners make occasional splash plays in run games and lack overall consistency to engage as a second- and third-level tackler, Trice is aggressive when the offense fails to account for his presence. get involved. blocking scheme. On the first rep, Trice conveys motion before diagnosing a crack/replace scenario, folds inside, and joins a gang tackle to stop the back after a short pick-up.

On the next rep Trice sees the tight end move up to second level. Taking the place of an empty linebacker, he dodged over the top, put his hips on the contacts and finished with a physical tackle. I believe Trice has untapped potential as a box player, especially in subpackages, an area where the team has yet to find a reliable solution.

Much of the subpackage’s Dimebacker’s work centers around his ability to perform at a high level as a defender in the underzone, an area in which Cam Sutton excelled. Trice’s best zone coverage for Purdue came when he was tasked with acting as a flat zone defender in the Cover 2 scheme. He has shown good feel for luring midpoint roots and quarterbacks with the level concept.

Working in a cover two scheme here against Maryland, Tryce has a level concept at the midpoint, aiming for the quarterback’s eye and sinking under the seven cut to ensure a timely turnover. You are doing an amazing job. His range and ball skills with zone coverage could allow him to take on some of the post-snap safety rotation previously handled by Cam Sutton, allowing the Steelers to take on Minka Fitzpatrick’s You will be able to be creative with the placement.

In summary, I believe Trice will be ready to contribute as a subpackage boundary corner in the future and potentially in Year 2, but perhaps a clear 4th place corner in the upcoming depth chart may come out on top as Training camp. If he continues to hone that aspect of the game, he could be the team’s long-awaited solution to the vacancy in the Dime Backer position previously filled by Cam Sutton and Terrell Edmunds. Both players will play elsewhere next season.

You don’t usually get the chance to play at Corner 4, but talent wins. If Trice can impress coaches enough at camp, they will find ways to incorporate him into their subpackage plans, as Sutton did. Likewise, in an ideal world, Pittsburgh would end the 2023 season with plenty of subpackage snaps to evaluate both cornerback draft picks. Given his size, run support and ball skills, he could be an interesting matchup against Mark Andrews and other top-level tight ends.

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