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Did you know that 76% of consumers would rather have sales conversations on social media than on the phone?

And sales leads generated through social selling are seven times more likely to close?

Sales prospect research is not performed the same way as in the past. Gone are the days of relying on face-to-face meetings to build a reputation with clients.

Needless to say, you have to go where people are and where people are online.

Social selling has proven to be the most effective way to reach potential customers, with 78% of salespeople using social selling strategies outperforming those who don’t. increase.

Scott MacDougall is an associate manager at Canada Life, a life insurance and wealth management company with a long and rich history of helping clients ensure their financial security, and prospect support for Canada Life’s digital marketing and financial advisor programs. has been at the forefront of .

With all the changes in the industry, Scott and his team realized they needed to change the sales strategies their advisors had been using for nearly 20 years.

Location-based meetings with prospects: Online

In the early days of switching to a more digital sales approach, Canada Life had only a handful of advisors, Scott said.

“We gave them some assets and they built some templates. Scott says.

“The first thing I noticed was that I was creating a lot of content for a templated website and providing a lot of materials, but other than some advisors having websites, I didn’t really see any benefit.”

Scott says the Canadian life insurance industry has never been well suited for direct-to-consumer marketing.

Rather, its growth is the result of supporting advisors in their own marketing to prospective clients.

“We believe enabling advisor sales and digital marketing strategies that support social selling is key to customer acquisition and business growth,” he says.

This led him to ask, “How am I helping my advisor prospects?”, he says. How do we get people in the door so they can start a conversation?”

Develop thought leadership through social selling

Buyers want to be actively engaged with thought leaders in their industry, so position advisors as the experts clients are looking for, Scott said.

“These advisors were looking to grow their business, so we were looking for content that would help them build perspectives for the platform,” he recalls.

He said he was looking for a way to give advisors valuable content to share with their audience without too much extra work so they could focus on engaging with these prospects.

“We had a lot of advisors who were doing their own thing with social media and had their own websites. It was to bring it back in-house and use our tools and content,” says Scott.

Scott says it started by using Veriday’s Digital Agent to provide a unified experience for advisors to easily customize their website and manage their email marketing efforts within a single system. .

Have many agents go to the field marketing office and have them state that they know they need to be online, but don’t share content for compliance or because they don’t fully understand writing best practices I felt uneasy about it.

“Making this content easily available through tools like Digital Agent and Hootsuite is what drives our strategy,” says Scott.

mix content mix

As advisors began sharing more branded content, impressions and traffic for Canada Life brands as well as advisors increased.

“It’s great to share the campaign, but the main purpose of our strategy was to help our advisors with prospects,” says Scott.

So the idea was born to add third-party content to the content mix.

Scott says he started making content automatically collected from UpContent available to advisors and started seeing more engagement.

“Advisors don’t want to see their libraries lined with walls of branded goods. , doesn’t get many likes and doesn’t get many reshares. Advisors, on the other hand, share third-party content,” says Scott.

After initial testing adding curated content, Scott says he decided to reduce the amount of curated content available in the library to determine what was best for the company as a whole.

When the flow of relevant third-party content slows down, impressions and engagement have been found to slow down significantly, he says.

“What we see is more material [for advisors to choose from] We need to let go of the internal notion that it has to be Canada Life branded.

There were 2 million impressions of content in December 2022, most of which were articles provided by UpContent. ’ he says.

Impressions turn into leads

Scott said the team found that a content mix of 70% third-party content and 30% original content resonated the most with advisors and their prospective clients.

But these impressions are more than just impressions. they will lead.

“On average, our advisors using Hootsuite, UpContent, and Digital Agent resources generate 9 leads per month and typically share about 25 pieces of content per month.” says Scott.

These advisors have a natural reach of approximately 10,000 people each month while increasing their credibility online.

“Our top performers, who we hope are accessible to everyone, have shared nearly 30 articles of handpicked Canada Life content, sprinkled with a few personal posts, and generated 20 new prospects each month. and 205,000 impressions,” says Scott.

volume is important

Scott says that before using UpContent to source third-party content, he had a full-time content curator on staff.

“He was only getting two or three articles a day from just browsing the Internet, but with UpContent, he can provide advisors with hundreds of articles a month, increasing the content available to them. We’ve found that the more we have, the more likely our advisors will get the article.Please share it,” says Scott.

“Business growth is a key metric we like to watch. We are seeing real business growth and early signs that advisors using the platform are realizing increased sales productivity.” ,” says Scott.

Social selling is a win-win

If a prospect sees an advertisement for a life insurance company at a sporting event, they are far less likely to make a sale than if they see an article shared by a local agency. That’s just the reality we live in.

Social selling lets you take advantage of the platform by keeping your prospects in mind. If you want to start a social selling program for your company, you should keep your advisors in mind.

“The first thing to remember is that the main goal is to understand that it is a network of sales professionals who are providing content and their main goal is to generate leads. There has to be,” says Scott.

By keeping priorities straight, Scott’s team was able to move more efficiently and productively into social selling efforts.

Any advice for Scott? Listen to what your advisor wants, not what marketing wants.

“Don’t think of this as just a website, don’t just think of it as social media, don’t think of it as just a replacement for all print. Please,” Scott says.

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