Money Minute: Do you know who is in charge of your retirement?


Pittsburgh (KDKA) — Do you know who’s responsible for your retirement?

KDKA-TV Money Editor John Delano explains why you should in this week’s Money Minutes.

IRAs and 401(k)s are key to retirement, and the majority of Americans are now shareholders. So for you running a company where you invest money, it should be important.

When was the last time you looked at the qualifications of the executives, especially the CEO, of these organizations?

  • Is your CEO making more money than he should, especially if the company’s stock price is falling?
  • Does the CEO have a stake in the company? Since they own shares, not just stock options, do they win or lose like shareholders?
  • Is the CEO taking too many company resources and moving them to places that aren’t related to the company’s business?
  • How old is your president? Young and ambitious, old and experienced, or tired and ready to retire?
  • Finally, use your gut. If CEOs act like idiots, they probably are.

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