Make the most of your retirement with these top-ranked mutual funds – May 9, 2023


There’s no wrong time to invest in mutual funds for retirement. So, if you’re still looking for the best mutual funds, Zacks Mutual Fund Rank is an excellent guide.

The easiest and most reliable way to judge the long-term quality of a mutual fund is to analyze its performance, diversification and fees. The Zacks Mutual Fund Rank, which covers over 19,000 mutual funds, helped identify three great options for his retirement-focused long-term investor portfolios.

Learn about some of Zacks’ highest-ranked mutual funds with low fees you might want to consider.

Neuberger Berman Guardian R3 (NGDRX Free Report) has an expense ratio of 1.36% and an administrative fee of 0.74%. NGDRX is a large-cap value mutual fund that invests in stocks with market capitalization in excess of $10 billion, whose share prices do not reflect their intrinsic value. With an annual return of 12.81% over the last five years, this fund is clearly outperforming.

Amana Growth Investor (AMAGX Free Report) stands out among its peers. AMAGX is a large cap growth mutual fund and these funds invest in many of the largest US companies expected to grow at a faster rate than their large cap peers. With a five-year annualized performance of 15.33%, an expense ratio of 0.92% and a management fee of 0.62%, this diversified fund is an attractive buyer with a history of strong performance.

Fidelity Select Software & IT Services (FSCSXMore Free Report) : 0.68% expense ratio, 0.52% administration fee. FSCSX is a sector-tech mutual fund that allows investors to own shares in volatile and notorious sectors with a much more diversified approach. The fund invests primarily in equities and has a long-standing reputation for profitable performance, with an annual return of 14.42% over the last five years.

These examples highlight the fact that there are surprisingly good mutual funds out there. If your advisor has you on good terms, bravo! If not, we may need to discuss it.

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