Local Political Science Professor, Financial Advisor Reacts to National Debt Ceiling Hit

Financial Advisors

Local political scientists and financial advisers are responding to the national debt ceiling, which was capped on Jan. 19 and capped the amount allocated for borrowing.

A local political history professor said the debt ceiling should now be everyone’s concern and the aftermath.

A local financial adviser recalls previous actions by the US government, which he said played a role in the country reaching its debt ceiling.

“With nearly the entire world and economy shut down during COVID, our government will create a stimulus package for those who have lost their jobs, the different things we got, and all the money we have been paid. We needed it,” said Rowland. Kljunich, owner of Financial Wealth Management, said:

He argued that this would add partly to the current $4 trillion to $5 trillion of debt, bringing it to the current level of $31 trillion, and that the biggest challenge now is whether the debt ceiling will be raised. said it is.

“If the party that controls Congress is different from the presidency, raising the debt ceiling to allow the United States to borrow more money to meet its immediate obligations would be a huge challenge,” said Jeff Bloodworth, a professor of political history at Ganon University. It will be a political battle,” he said.

Krunic said history could be a sign of what might happen if the masses were affected.

“In a very short period of time, the market has fallen about 17%, so I hope this doesn’t happen again, but we can only look back in history and see what could happen,” said Kljunich. says.

Bloodworth said decisions on the debt ceiling could play an important role in the outcome of the 2024 presidential election.

“As you know, the unemployment rate has gone up by 2-3% and the 401(k) has also taken a hit. I don’t know if it expands to

Bloodworth said nothing is clear at this point, but people should be concerned that the debt ceiling won’t be raised.

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