LFA Lugano Financial Advisors SA cuts Uber Technologies, Inc. shares as financial analysts continue to bet on the company’s growth.

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It was recently reported that LFA Lugano Financial Advisors SA cut its stake in Uber Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:UBER) by 50.0% in the fourth quarter, according to the latest disclosure to the SEC. The company owned his 5,665 shares of the ride-sharing company after selling his 5,665 shares during this period. At the end of the most recent quarter, LFA Lugano Financial Advisors SA’s Uber Technologies holdings were valued at $140,000.

Uber Technologies, Inc. is a technology platform that operates applications, networks and products to provide solutions for getting from point A to point B. The Company offers ride-hailing services and merchant delivery service providers for meal preparation, grocery, and other delivery services.

In light of this news, it’s interesting to note that several analysts have recently issued reports on stocks. On Wednesday, Feb. 8, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. raised its price target for Uber Technologies stock to $47.00 from his $45.00, giving the company a “buy” rating in a research note. Susquehanna raised Uber Technologies’ rating from ‘neutral’ to ‘positive’ and raised its price target from $40.00 to $48.00, also in a report Wednesday. Wells Fargo & Company raised its price target on Uber Technologies stock from $46.00 to $53.00 in a report on Thursday, February 9, giving the stock an “overweight” rating. Cowen lowered his price target for Uber Technologies from his $70.00 to $66.00 in a report released Thursday, Jan. 26. Finally, Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft raised its price target on Uber Technologies shares from $44.00 to $46.00 in a report released last Wednesday.

While some reports have suggested a negative view of owning a stake in Uber, financial analysts are positive about a stake in the ride-sharing company given current performance and future prospects. According to Bloomberg.com, the company’s current consensus rating is “moderate buy” with an average target price of $48.42.

All things considered, it remains to be seen how this news will affect Uber’s long-term results. continues to bet on the tech giant’s continued growth and success potential is compelling.

Institutional Investors and Hedge Funds Increase Stake in Uber Technologies, Inc. as Company Reports Strong Earnings

Institutional investors and hedge funds have recently been actively involved in trading Uber Technologies, Inc. stock. Several investors and funds have added or reduced stakes in the business, according to recent updates. For example, Transcend Capital Advisors LLC raised its share price of the ride-sharing company by 0.6% last quarter. As a result, the company now owns 59,149 shares, valued at $1,463,000, after recently purchasing an additional 379 shares.

Hudson Value Partners LLC also increased its position in Uber Technologies by 1.4% in Q3 2023. The fund now owns 29,800 of his shares, worth more than $790,000, after acquiring another 400 shares last quarter. Another investor that has increased its stake in the ridesharing platform is Ropes Wealth Advisors LLC. They now also own 425 shares of him, making his holdings 32,719 shares worth $809,000.

Lincoln National Corp is one of the companies that invested in Uber Technologies. It expanded its position by purchasing an additional 426 shares, currently valued at $717,000, in the third quarter of 2023. Other investors include Parkside Financial Bank & Trust, which raised his 56.9% stake in the first quarter of 2023.

Insider Tony West recently sold several shares, according to reports from regulatory filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). According to the details, he sold about 4,167 shares of his Uber Technologies stock on March 15 for his $133,000, bringing the total holdings to about 16, worth more than his $5 million. reduced to 6,000 units.

Uber Technologies’ share price showed a slight gain of $0.18 on Friday, reaching a maximum of $37.67, trading about 14 million units compared to an average trading volume of over 25 million shares.

The company’s historical earnings show it reported revenue of $8.82 billion for the quarter ending May 2. He was well above analyst estimates of $8.71 billion, contributing to a 28.7% year-on-year surge. Equity analysts also confirm that Uber Technologies is likely to book his EPS (-$0.09) this year.

All these developments show a strong foundation for Uber Technologies’ overall business operations these days and seem to give a glimpse of what to expect in the future.

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