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We all want to save money wherever we can — and optimising your tax position is a sensible way to do this.

For most of us, taking the DIY route and sifting through our own finances can be tricky. But there are easier ways to take on your taxes, and consulting a financial adviser might well be the solution you’re looking for.

The team at Hargreaves Lansdown are there to help you move forward and your first consultation with their advisory helpdesk is free.

We’ll set out exactly how they can help.

Set up a free consultation

This article will give you information to help you make your own decisions, but it’s not personal advice. Please bear in mind that tax rules can change and any benefits depend on your circumstances. Our advisers are experts in tax-efficient financial planning but in the case of specific and complex circumstances, your advisers may suggest you speak to a lawyer or accountant to complement their advice.

Hands-on help with your finances

Everyone’s financial situation is different, and interpreting what’s available, and what your circumstances will allow you to do, can be tricky. That’s where a Hargreaves Lansdown financial adviser can really get things moving, open up the discussion and smash the overwhelm.

They will help you navigate the landscape, ensure you’re making the most of tax allowances, investing and drawing an income tax-efficiently, and help you reduce the tax burden when passing on your money to future generations through financial planning.

And they don’t just cover your tax allowance — you’ll get a clear overview of your general household finances, and the vital steps you can take to save and invest money through the years.

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They could save you not only time and money but also the effort required in figuring out all the options and choices out there — and which ones are suitable for your individual finances.

At Hargreaves Lansdown, the emphasis is on practical, hands-on help.

Taking time to get to know your unique circumstances and how you manage your money, their advisers will make sure you’re on board with your annual tax-efficient allowances and walk you through the various tax issues that may be impacting you and your family, both now and in the future.

Their role is to explain the rules, walk you through your options, give you an overview and help you make the right choices. For some complex calculations, they may recommend that you also consult an accountant.

And they know all the tips that will make a difference.

Get your taxes on track

Putting your needs first

Recently, Hargreaves Lansdown earned the CII Corporate Chartered Status. This prized status is difficult to acquire and shows just how well-qualified Hargreaves Lansdown’s advisers are.

Being chartered means that the Chartered Insurance Institute has awarded them formal credentials recognising their exceptional skill and competence in the field of professional financial planners and advisers.

It’s a big deal and it speaks directly to Hargreaves Lansdown’s customer-focused approach to managing finances.

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Historically, there was often a perception that financial advisers were there for the hard sell, eager to earn their commission above all else. Those outdated methods don’t apply at Hargreaves Lansdown.

By putting their clients first, Hargreaves Lansdown is showcasing the ethical side of helping clients manage their money. It’s a measured approach that reflects their values and ethos as an organisation — and it’s all on your terms.

An initial consultation call to Hargreaves Lansdown’s advisory helpdesk is completely free, giving both parties the chance to have an open discussion without any pressure. This helps to establish whether or not financial advice is actually needed — or if there’s another, more cost-effective way to get your finances working efficiently.

That bedrock of fairness and transparency is central to the Hargreaves Lansdown offering, giving you even more motivation to set up a chat and find out how they can help. They will also discuss costs with you on this initial call in a clear and transparent way before you commit to anything.

Schedule a consultation

Heads up for the next round of tax changes

Of course, tax rules are always subject to change, so you need to stay on top of them.

Luckily, that’s also the job of your adviser.

These rules can have a big impact on your money, especially when built up over time. Several tax changes have already come into play recently, making this a great time to get an expert on board.

For example, the pensions lifetime allowance — the amount of money individuals are allowed to build up in their pensions over their lifetime — is set to be fully abolished from April 2024. At the same time, some income tax bands and thresholds have been frozen until 2028, and the amount of money you can earn before you become an additional-rate taxpayer (top-rate for Scotland) has been slashed. So that as inflation and wages rise, more people will move into higher tax brackets and could pay more in tax.

Changes to the dividend tax allowance could affect people in retirement and others who rely on dividends as a source of income as you can now earn less than you could before you pay tax on that income.

And, while these developments can seem vague and a problem for the ‘future you’, in reality, they could impact your finances directly — and soon.

But by working with a Hargreaves Lansdown adviser, they will tell you how, when and why you could be impacted, along with the steps you need to take to mitigate the potential damage.

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Inheritance tax is another area where many of us could do with some guidance. As a complex and often emotional, even occasionally distressing, subject, there’s always a lot of uncertainty around this particular tax. However, Hargreaves Lansdown’s advisers will clarify every aspect and put a plan in place to ensure more of your hard-earned money goes to the people or causes you want it to, rather than the tax man.

By drawing on their depth of knowledge and experience, they untangle the detail so you don’t have to, saving time by focusing on what’s relevant to you.

Talk to the advisory helpdesk now

Get a solid roadmap for the future

Let’s face it, tax planning is never a thrilling prospect, but it’s vital to make sure you’re not losing out. Consulting a financial adviser is a great way to take practical action and getting a clear picture of your taxes and general money management can be a huge relief.

The whole point is to save you time, effort, hassle and of course, money.

So, why not hand over the hard work to Hargreaves Lansdown?

They’re ready to look at the big picture and point you to the best options for your individual circumstances. Taking a long-term view, and highlighting what you can do right now, they can set you on the right path to saving money on your taxes.

Hargreaves Lansdown’s transparent approach and free initial phone appointment are what set them apart from some of the competition.

Set up that first ice-breaker and you could jump from ‘I hate this…’ to ‘I’ve got this!’ in just half an hour.

Speaking with the Hargreaves Lansdown advisory helpdesk could be step one to providing you with a solid roadmap for the future. In fact, it could be your quickest route to tailored financial planning.

And that has to be a good move.

Save money on your tax today

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This is an advert for Hargreaves Lansdown and is a sponsored post. When you make a purchase or sign up to this service, Best Buys may earn a commission.

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