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Mickey’s igloo on Eastchester Street, Kingston, Tuesday, May 16, 2023. (Tania Bariclo/Daily Freeman)

KINGSTON, NY — With owners Larry and Lois Vigando looking to retire, the Vigando family is selling their popular ice cream store, Mickey’s Igloo, located at 416 East Chester Street.

“It’s time to get past the cone,” Larry and Lois’ son, Jeff Vigando, said on Tuesday. “Mom will be 80 and Dad will be 79,” he said. “Mom is flipping hamburgers, there are a lot of them.”

Vigando expects the sale to Kevin Kaiser and his father, Dan Kaiser, to be completed by Friday. “Kevin runs it,” he said.

Kaiser is from Westchester, but his fiancée is from the same area, and the couple will move into a three-bedroom house attached to a store he rented, Vigando said. “That’s one way to work from home,” he said.

The Vigando family had it on the market for about two years, but the family had several other offers before deciding to sell it to Keysers, he said.

“My sister Cheri Vigando will remain to ensure a smooth transition,” he said. “Our children and some of her children are still working there until he gets back on his feet.”

A Kingston landmark for over 65 years, the ice cream shop has been an all-out family effort since taking over over five years ago. He added that his father had been a silent partner in the business until five years earlier.

Vigando said his sister runs the store daily, while he helps order inventory in addition to his day job at IBM.

“I was there early in the morning and late at night,” he said.

Looking back on the days when his family led the management of this long-established Kingston establishment, Mr. Vigando said his family’s great achievements will bring the facility back to life.

“Years ago it was always bustling, then it became dysfunctional. . “We invested a lot of time and money into it.”

He said during his tenure, the family expanded the menu by adding more fast food items, ice cream and vegan options.

Vigando said there were once three Mickey igloos under the same owner, but the other remaining site at Saugerties isn’t owned by his family.

According to Vigando, his father is retired from IBM, but his grandparents ran Vigando’s Market, a specialty Ponchocky store, for nearly 50 years from 1949 to the 1990s, so the family was used to running small businesses. It is said that there is

“My father was 5 when my parents bought this store,” he said. “Her grandmother ran the store after Grandpa died in 1975. She ran the store until she was 80, and we closed it.”

“We wanted her to enjoy the time she had left,” he added.

Of his fondest memories of running Mickey’s igloo as a family, Vigando said the kids and the whole family would come out to the playground and have fun and play.

“We always put our toys outside and played with them,” he said.

They’ve even added an aptly named ice cream cone mascot, ‘Scoop’. “He was outside greeting little children,” said Vigando.

Looking back on the COVID-19 pandemic, even when lockdown prevented us from having a big birthday party, and when lockdown closed the shops so we could have something to eat for our kids on their birthdays. I remembered making an ice cream cake and giving it as a present. with her friends and family.

Looking ahead, Vigando said his family is looking forward to being able to share the large basement pool at his parents’ house, which was never used because everyone was at the store.

“Our only summer holiday was a half-day on July 4th for a family barbecue, because we opened late,” he said. “It’s time to start enjoying life, life is too short. We want to spend time by the pool and just enjoy life.”

But when it comes to the ice cream itself, he admitted his family hasn’t gotten bored.

“There’s no such thing as too much ice cream,” he said.

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