Kashmir’s Amina Zahra wins medal at Pencak Silat Nationals

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Pencak Silat is an Indonesian martial arts class that uses the whole body in competitive sports and self-defense settings. It includes striking, grappling, and throwing, along with the use of weapons when necessary.
14-year-old Amina Zahra from Srinagar, a student of the 8th Standard, recently gained prominence in this form of martial arts, winning a gold medal at the National Pencak Silat Championship.
Brighter Kashmir met Amina and asked her what made her so good at this unique sport. We hear a lot about sexual abuse and rape cases these days. I believe that sports should be chosen to remove fear.
When asked when she started pencak silat, Amina revealed that she started it in school in 2019 and progressed with the help of coach Nasir Digoo with excellent results.
she said: Nanded in Maharashtra secured silver and copper. “
Amina explained that Kashmir is a very good platform for Pencak Silat. “Kashmir has been a very good platform for me and others. Our coaches Iqbal Sar and Nasir Sar provided us with opportunities. They want us to have a bright future and they give us a platform so that we can live a decent life.I am described as Aslat I participate in the 70-72 weight category.I also participate in Tungal level competitions,” Amina told BK.
“It is my desire and desire to represent India internationally at some point in the future, and besides this I would like to remove this mental block of girls and women in Kashmir or other parts of the country. I want to set an example and show that girls can achieve as good grades as boys in any field.
“Parents need to support and encourage their daughters to excel as well as their sons. Coaches must do the same,” said Amina.
Every part of the body is used and can be attacked in Pencak Silat. Pencak Silat is practiced not only for physical defense but also for psychological purposes. There are hundreds of different Pencak Silat styles (Arirang) and schools (Pelgruang), and they tend to focus on attacks, articulation, weapons, or a combination thereof.
The Pencak Silat syllabus is divided into 7 levels, with each level focusing on a specific self-defense technique. Levels are marked with bands like in other martial arts. There are seven levels: white belt, blue belt, brown belt, yellow belt, green belt, red belt, and black belt.
At J&K, the event is part of the UT Administration’s special sports initiative MY YOUTH MY PRIDE, which has put hundreds of thousands of players under it to date.
Students from several schools and clubs across the country participate in all age groups, including pre-teen boys and girls, sub-junior boys and girls, and junior boys and girls, in addition to senior male and female players. doing.
The Penchak Silat Federation of India is the nodal body of the sport and Nasir Dighu is the President of J&K Penchak Silat Association.

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