IIIT HYDERABAD and NALSAR host a roundtable on AI in the legal and judicial system

AI Basics

Industry-Academia-Government Dialogue on AI Opportunities and Challenges

Opportunities such as lawyer bots, bail money and pro bono legal techniques were discussed

VC NALSAR and Director IIITH chaired the roundtable

Hyderabad, India, April 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — IIT Hyderabad, in partnership with NALSAR, hosted a roundtable on AI in law.Curated sessions on the scope of artificial intelligence (AI) in law and justice systems Indiaopportunities and challenges.

A joint session of law firms, policy think tanks, NALSAR faculty, IIITH faculty, and start-ups discussed use cases, problems, challenges, and potential solutions. Focus on four dimensions: AI as a support tool in legal practice. Comply with due process of law. Should AI Enforce Laws?; Will AI Make Decisions?

The roundtable was chaired by Prof. Srikrishna Deva Rao, Vice-Chancellor of NALSAR University and Prof. PJ Narayanan, Director of IIITH. Panelists included professors from IIITH, NALSAR & IIT Kanpur, legal leaders from Samvad Partners, his OpenNyAI & CDPP from policy and community groups, his subtl.ai from startups. Discussions covered problems, solutions, constraints, and technical challenges.

The panel identified use cases for AI in legal research, document and content discovery processes, and contract creation and review activities. AI and NLP play an important role in building language processing tools for keyword search and understanding the content and meaning of contract language.

Professor Srikrishna Deva Rao, Vice Chancellor of NALSAR University, emphasized the importance of academic exchanges between IIITH Hyderabad and NALSAR should lead to academic/research cooperation in educating lawyers and engineers together. He expressed a strong belief that technology will enhance justice for all, but not replace human jurisprudence, and that lawyers will learn program development, AI/ML, data It suggests that we should learn about science. He advocated mini-courses for attorneys in document review, judgment review, and contract analysis. He spoke about legal accountability in the use of his AI system in the legal system. He also addressed the bias and potential for psychological and emotional harm in using AI.

Professor PJ Narayanan, Director of IIIT Hyderabad, said in his opening remarks: Diversity of legal systems and the need to address issues at their roots. He also commented on how AI systems have come to greatly aid the legal process, but cautioned against the biases inherent in these systems and warned against over-reliance on AI systems.

Details of the deliberations will be included in an upcoming white paper.

About IIT Hyderabad: International Institute of Information Technology, hyderabad (IIITH) is an autonomous research university founded in 1998, with a focus on core areas of information technology such as computer science, electronics and communications, and in other domains through interdisciplinary research with greater societal impact. focuses on those applications of Its research areas include visual information technology, human language technology, data engineering, VLSI and embedded systems, computer architecture, wireless communications, algorithms and information security, robotics, architectural science, earthquake engineering, computational natural sciences and bioinformatics, and education. IT in technology, power systems, quantum computing and information, agriculture and e-government.

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