IFP Advisors Inc will reduce its stake in a major agricultural supplier, Universal Corp.

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May 9, 2023 – Financial advisory firm & IFP Advisors Inc recently cut a 26.1% stake in Universal Co. (NYSE:UVV), one of the leading agricultural suppliers to consumer goods manufacturers around the world. made it clear. The company sold nearly 1,900 of his shares in the fourth quarter of the previous year and owned about 5,368 shares at the end of the reporting period.

Universal Corporation’s primary business is the sourcing and processing of tobacco leaf and plant-based ingredients for B2B clients worldwide. He operates in two main segments, Tobacco and Ingredients, both of which encompass multiple stages from selection to financing, seamlessly delivering quality produce to customers.

The company’s shares opened at $53.43 on Tuesday, with a market capitalization of $1.31 billion, according to the latest IFP Advisors disclosure. The price/earnings ratio is currently pegged at 13.88 with a beta value of 0.75. The company also maintains a quick ratio of 1.46 and a current ratio of 3.26 over the long term.

While this news may spark investor interest in future market developments by Universal Corporation (how this will affect the stock price in either direction can only be speculated), we are not investing selectively. It undoubtedly underscores the financial advisor’s ongoing commitment to providing higher returns by doing so. Alternatively, we sell shares in various companies based on our clients’ investment objectives.

Financial planning experts believe that such calculated investments will play an important role in long-term wealth management strategies, even in turbulent economic times such as those recently encountered due to the disruption caused by COVID-19. .

Their advice is that companies like agricultural suppliers tend to share fluctuations caused by volatile customer demand patterns and political instability compared to companies operating in other sectors. Emphasize that it is small.

Nevertheless, before investing in any stock discussed here or elsewhere, it is advisable to consult a licensed financial professional and carefully study publicly available market data relevant to the stock in question. It is essential.

Institutional Investors and Hedge Funds Accelerate Movement in Universal Corp Stock, Leading to Trading Status Downgrade

Universal Corp. (NYSE:UVV) has seen a flurry of activity from institutional investors and hedge funds in recent months, according to a new report. Wipfli Financial Advisors LLC acquired a new position worth approximately $37,000 and Lazard Asset Management LLC added an additional $40,000 worth of stock to raise its stake by 114.6%. Not to be left behind, Parallel Advisors LLC increased its stake by 155.2%, holding $44,000 worth of Universal stock. Point72 Hong Kong Ltd. also purchased new shares in the company for approximately $60,000, and PNC Financial Services Group Inc., after acquiring a further 230 shares during the period, held an additional 18.5% stake worth $85,000. raised shares of

Institutional investors and hedge funds now own 80% of Universal’s stock, making it attractive to retail investors looking to see price movements before selling or to attract short-term gains.

Additionally, Theodore G. Broome sold 5,000 shares for more than $267,000, leaving about 39,000 shares, according to the report.

Universal Corporation maintains its position as a leading business-to-business agricultural supplier to consumer products manufacturers who source and process tobacco leaf and produce raw materials for a variety of industries. The tobacco business sector he operates on six continents. The company reported sales totaling $795 million for the first quarter of the fiscal year ending March 2023, with earnings per share (EPS) of $1.67, largely driven by competition in the plant industry. Profitability has declined.

As such, StockNews.com used all the information available today to downgrade Universal Corp.’s deal status from ‘Buy’ to ‘Pending’. Stakeholders may therefore need to reassess their investments going forward, but the long-term forecast appears to be stable despite margins declining slightly throughout the first quarter. looks like This points to steady growth potential in other areas of the business.

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