How to access the WoW Dragonflight Extended Trial

Sub Levels

Blizzard Entertainment Offers Latest Trials world of warcraft expansion, dragon flightNew or returning players can step into the Dragon Isles and try out everything the expansion has to offer, including the new Evoker class, Dragonriding, and the expansion’s entire quest campaign.

players jumping in dragon flight Trials cannot exceed level 60 (maximum level is 70), but experience earned during trials is stored and applied to your character eventually when you purchase expansions.

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Currently for all versions dragon flight is available in the Blizzard store until May 15th, but you can try out the new features for free until June 4th.

You need it oh subscription to play dragon flight Free trial?

The expansion itself is temporarily free to play, but must be activated oh subscription to participate in dragon flight trial. By having either an active subscription or a set amount of game time, dragon flight trial. Regardless, you cannot play the trial without an active subscription.

Still, the ongoing trial has lowered the base price to $29.99 to match the expansion trial, but gives players the opportunity to avoid the expansion’s cost, which is normally $49.99.

when dragon flight End of trial?

of dragon flight The extended trial runs until June 4th, giving players a full month to try out the game and explore the Dragon Islands on their own. You have plenty of time to dive into the latest version of ohthe expansion sale only lasts until May 15th.

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Never played oh Previously, you had to purchase the game and level up your character to level 58. Only then can it be unlocked. dragon flight Head through the questline and start your way to the Dragon Islands.

awesome dragon flight is free to play from now until June 4th.

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