How can I help my child choose the right course?

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From India Today Education Desk: As a parent, guiding your child through the course selection process can be a difficult experience. This is one of the decisions that laid the foundation for their careers. So it’s important to develop insight while helping them navigate their options.

When evaluating major courses (Science, Commerce, Arts), it is important to look beyond financial performance and career trends.

It’s best to keep the factors that enhance your child’s work ability. natural talents and interestsand most importantly, their personality, It is at the forefront and center of the decision-making process. His CEO and founder of GENLEAP, an expert Sachin Sandhir, will show you everything you need to know.


Because the field of science is inherently exciting and intelligent, it requires a certain combination of personality traits to ensure your child’s success. Scientific aptitude and aptitude can be seen through traits such as:

  • openness and curiosity
  • critical and analytical thinking
  • high repulsion
  • Persistence
  • methodical and methodical

Science-driven careers such as biologists, geneticists, doctors, and engineers require a high degree of sharp problem-solving and critical thinking skills. If your child exhibits some or all of these traits, science courses may be a viable option for them.


Commerce is a broad field in terms of the types of professions your child can explore, with prominent professions including business analyst, investment banker, financial planner, tax consultant, marketing manager, sales manager, product manager, and accountant. included. The list goes on. . Personality traits that are good for a commerce-driven career include:

  • leadership
  • being a team player
  • communication skills
  • Analytical and critical thinking
  • friendliness
  • execution skills
  • confidence

For example, sales managers must consistently and effectively communicate with multiple stakeholders in order to achieve success and growth at work. You should also be friendly and confident when interacting with clients and customers.


Professional success in the arts requires a creative, intuitive, and social personality. Your child can pursue a variety of career paths by choosing arts/humanities courses including literature, philosophy, public service, linguistics, music, visual arts, performing arts, and more. The personality traits necessary for success in the arts field are:-

  • imagination and creativity
  • sympathy
  • Emotional Intelligence Quotient
  • Relevance
  • sociability
  • critical thinking
  • open mind

For example, professions such as historians, philosophers, and sociologists require unique personal traits such as curiosity, critical thinking, and relevance to be successful in their careers.


Studying these personality traits will inevitably lead to a better understanding of your child’s natural inclinations towards particular career paths.

However, as human beings, we exhibit a unique mix of personality traits, and it is important to understand that categorizing these traits under any particular educational stream is inaccurate. Here lies the beauty of self-discovery. You notice that some of your child’s personality traits fit ideally into a particular current, such as science. You can also understand which traits are inconsistent or weakly matched with a particular stream. This provides your child with direction and clarity so that they can make informed choices when choosing courses.

For example, if your child exhibits high levels of openness, analytical skills, confidence, and ability to take risks, a career in investment banking may be appealing and suitable. But investment banking also requires the ability to work long hours and thrive in a high pressure and stressful environment. If your child has a low stress tolerance, they may have trouble coping with work pressures.

Let’s see more examples

  • Likewise, an entrepreneurial career requires a high degree of stress tolerance, the ability to take risks, and a willingness to succeed. A civil service career can require a high degree of self-discipline, attention to detail, and decisiveness.
  • A career in fashion design requires innovation, execution skills, imagination, sociability and an eye for detail.
  • Psychologists must possess high empathy, emotional quotient, friendliness, reliability, and self-control in order to provide optimal patient care.
  • Surgeons are required to be decisive, calm, and strategic, with a high level of stress tolerance and team-oriented behaviour.
  • Characteristics such as self-discipline, creativity, empathy, dependability, generosity, and good communication skills are necessary for teachers to be effective.
  • Pilots must be decisive with good communication and strategic execution skills.

Help your child choose the right course

The course selection process requires time and commitment from both you and your child. Using a multifaceted approach can be influential, but it’s important to focus on their personality. The OCEAN Personality Model provides a detailed breakdown of different aspects of your child’s personality. This is a powerful tool to inform your child’s career decisions.

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