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Honkai: Starrail It has all the makings of a great turn-based RPG. There’s a great story, compelling characters, and a lovingly crafted world that ties it all together. However, it is still a gacha game at heart, with one of his notorious mechanics in the subgenre: the stamina system.

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trail blaze power Honkai: Star Rails A version of the classic gacha stamina system designed to limit the speed at which players can progress. Every point in Trailblaze Power is valuable because it basically determines how fast a character can get stronger and how much content the player can run through in her day. With that said, here are some recommendations on how to use Trailblaze Power according to your usual in-game level divisions.

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Honkai: Starrail Cultivation Priorities

Honkai: Physical Pioneers Fighting Robots in Star Rail

All farmable domains are gradually unlocked as the player progresses through the Jarilo-VI storyline. Honkai: Starrailfrom Calix, which drops resources, to Corrosion Caverns, which house various relics players need to build units.

The rewards players can earn from these domains will be adjusted based on their equilibrium level. The more difficult the world, the better the rewards. That said, going straight to relic farming might not be the best idea, nor might spending all of your Trailblaze power on crushing experience materials be a good idea. The most efficient Trailblaze Power Sinks are:

  • Trailblaze Levels 10-30: Credits, EXP, character material calyx
  • Trailblaze Level 30-40: Simulated Universe Worlds 5 and 6, Stunning Shadows, Echoes of War
  • Trailblaze Level 40+: Character material, corrosion cave, high difficulty simulated universe

In the first few Trailblaze levels, players don’t have many activities worth using Trailblaze power. It’s a good idea to spend it to get credits, second coming materials, and experience value books. These will help maintain your player roster in the event of an increase in equilibrium levels in the future.

Farming worlds 5 and 6 of the simulated universe is highly recommended for Trailblaze levels 30-40.These are the first places players can earn 5 stars A gear in the form of a plane ornament. World 5 will drop Pan-galactic commercial enterprise (effect hit rate) and astronomical differentiator (critical damage).World 6, on the other hand, will drop inert salsotto (critical rate) and Architect’s Vero Blog (defensive).

Honkai's Energy Recovery Speed ​​Relic: Star Rail

Many players will be stuck between Trailblaze levels 40 and 50 for quite some time, but have plenty of room to farm whatever their team needs. Either way, character material is the least susceptible to her RNG, so it should be at the top of your priority list here as well. Players should bring their core units to level 60 to avoid being quickly knocked down by higher level enemies.

corrosion cave At this point, 5-star Relics will start dropping, but only one 5-star drop is guaranteed per run. It’s not as efficient as higher world levels, but it helps players strengthen their character for the future. The same idea applies to running more challenging simulation universes. Once players have enough materials to maximize their characters and traces to level 60, they are free to focus on farming relics.

Honkai: Starrail Available for PC and mobile devices. A PlayStation version is also coming soon.

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