Honkai: Star Rail – Simulated Universe World 6 Guide (Best Teams and Blessings)

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a simulated universe Honkai: Starrail is a formidable gameplay feature that challenges the skill and strategic thinking of the player. Each world offers unique boss encounters that will test your understanding of mechanics and character abilities. To overcome these challenges, players will need to carefully plan their approach and leverage team synergies. Completing a simulated universe is not only satisfying, but also allows players to explore different character combinations and team compositions, Honkai: Starrail It also offers additional rewards.

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World 6 of the Simulated Universe Honkai: Starrail Especially for F2P players who don’t have a specific character, it’s a big challenge. The final world on difficulty 1, requiring strategic thinking and an investment in character tracing and leveling. However, the rewards, including the popular Planar Artifact, are worth trying: even at a lower equilibrium level, the player can elite collect relics from his mobs to defeat Cocoria and the main due to his DPS and defensive playstyle. valuable resources can be unlocked. With careful planning, victory is within reach.

Simulated Universe World 6 Best Team Composition

Honkai_ Star Rail – Simulated Universe 6 Cocoria & Bronia Phase 2

Compared to previous worlds, using a full F2P team in Simulated World 6 is not as powerful as Quantum, Lightning, or Firemain DPS to match 5-star or other 4-star gachas. It can get more difficult. However, by focusing on weakness breaks and keeping your HP high, you can still be successful. Note that Simulated World 6’s Cocolia has different mechanics than the Echoes of War and Story versions. For example, the Engine of Creation is replaced by her Path Resonance of player choice, and Cocolia summons her Bronya to assist her from Phase 2 onwards, greatly increasing her damage and turn priority. As a result, it’s highly recommended to have a character with AoE or follow-up abilities to deal with Bronya and the Ice Pillar while fighting Kokoria.

Best F2P team composition

Honkai_ Star Rail – F2P Team Simulated Universe World 6

  • Serval: As the main damage dealer in this composition, Serval excels at dealing area damage and is effective at eliminating additional enemies while gradually reducing Cocoria’s HP.
  • Asta: Asta serves as an exceptional support, providing valuable buffs to the team’s overall effectiveness and helping break through toughness with her skills that can deal AoE damage.
  • Pioneer of Fire: Fire Trailblazer acts as a Sub-DPS and synergizes effectively with Asta, helping the team manage enemy toughness while providing valuable defensive capabilities.
  • Natasha: range recovery

Asta and Fire Trailblazer are especially noteworthy in this team composition, as they can outperform some of the other 5-star options, even for teams that don’t rely entirely on F2P characters. It’s worth noting. On the other hand, players can consider replacing Serval with Qingque or March 7th if they prefer. Although potentially limiting, her shield ability greatly increases team survivability and synergizes with Fire Trailblazer. However, players who choose to take advantage of March 7 may need to acquire additional her Blessings of Memorence to maximize her usefulness, providing more benefits to their team. The availability of other common blessings may be reduced.

Non-F2P Optimal Characters

Honkai_ Star Rail – Optimal Character Simulated Universe World 6

Players with access to certain characters can significantly ease the fight against Cocoria in a number of ways.

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  • Seele: Seele, the strongest single-target DPS in the game, works very well with her kit and serves as a perfect main DPS character. Additionally, Seele gains additional attacks when defeating enemies, so it’s especially effective for taking care of icicles before concentrating on Cocoria.
  • Himeko: Himeko is another viable option for the main DPS character, especially due to her ability to perform follow-up attacks after certain conditions are met. Due to her AoE her damage, she can effectively deal with Addo and Bronia while damaging Kokoria.
  • Byle: Compared to Natasha, Vile is a great option for healing, offering stronger healing abilities and the ability to prevent allies from being knocked down each battle. contributes to your team’s damage output and helps chip away from your toughness meter.
  • needle: Combined with Himeko, Hook can generate a significant amount of burn damage, making it ideal for players interested in utilizing Damage Over Time (DoT) effects.

Players with access to these characters can explore different team compositions, including a balanced team made up of Seele, Asta, Fire Trailblazer, and Bailu. Alternatively, you can experiment with a mostly single-shot team consisting of Himeko, Hook, Asta, and either Natasha or Vile to do the healing.

Best Passes and Blessings in Simulated Universe World 6

Honkai_ Star Rail – Simulated Universe Abundance Blessing Resonance Formation_ Anicca-1

Similar to Simulated World 5, enemies in Simulated World 6 will be higher level than the player’s character unless the player raises the equilibrium level to 3 or higher. As a result, these enemies consistently deal critical damage and can even one-shot the player’s character. Abundance Pass Reliable healing function is highly recommended.Players should prioritize acquiring as many as possible as there are various path resonances that can greatly benefit the team in this battle abundance Bless you as much as possible. moreover, keep Blessings can further protect your team. hunt Blessings are beneficial, especially for teams that include characters like Seele, when no more appropriate and abundant blessings are available. Players looking to challenge a character after they’ve gotten stronger may choose to opt-in to Hunt his pass entirely, but this may only be advantageous on teams that can maintain enough of her HP on their own. there is.

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When it comes to resonance formations, players should first focus on: Abundance Resonance Formation – Anat Because putting Path Resonance in the action order allows the character to heal himself all the time. Also, since players should aim to earn as many blessings of abundance as possible, the following can also be considered: Abundance Resonance Formation – Anikka As a secondary resonance when you can gain 10 rich blessings to remove debuffs from allies. In general, players should prioritize defensive or character-advancing options whenever possible.

  • Dispel Disaster (The Abundance)
  • prosperity, longevity (abundance)
  • The Abundance mudra
  • Precious Moonlike Candlelight (The Abundance)
  • Clear Lucite Body (The Abundance)
  • The Abundance
  • Square Pyramid (Save)
  • focus (save)
  • Burst (The Preservation)
  • Celestial Annihilation (The Hunt)
  • Archery Duel (Hunt)

In addition to these options, players should also pay attention to other effects that can have a significant impact on combat. However, it is important to note that the availability of certain blessings and curios depends on luck. increases your chances of winning battles, and can even win in autobattles.

Honkai: Starrail Now available for Android, iOS and PC. A PlayStation version is also in development.

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