Honkai: Star Rail – Bailu Build Guide

Sub Levels

Bile is considered to stand out among the standard stellar warp five-star characters. Honkai: StarrailHer lightning element, more specifically her abundance path, places her in a unique position as one of only two available healers until future characters are introduced. . This makes her an invaluable addition to early game teams, and players who are lucky enough to get her can greatly benefit from her amazing healing powers. Her special ability to prevent allies from being knocked down after every battle adds an extra layer of protection and resilience.

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As the game progresses and new characters are introduced, Byle remains relevant. This is especially noticeable in challenging content such as the higher levels of Forgotten Hall, where the player must build his team of two and keep his characters from being defeated. In a scenario like this, Bailu’s healing ability becomes even more important to keep the whole team alive with his one of them. Despite some drawbacks, such as the occasional reliability of her skill recovery and limited usefulness compared to other characters, Vile remains a unit worthy of investment and team building. Her extraordinary healing powers and unique ability to protect her allies make her an indispensable asset, contributing to the success and longevity of the player’s journey. Honkai: StarrailLuckily, she’s not a particularly difficult character to create for optimal results.

Byle’s best relics


Bailu’s ideal Cavern Relic set is Passerby of Stream Clouds (4p). This set increases the 2p bonus Outgoing Healing bonus and grants extra skill points at the start of combat. When it comes to decorating the planary, the player has two options for her. The first option is Eternal Fleet (2p)Not only does it boost Vile’s HP to enhance recovery, but it also grants an ATK buff to all allies when her speed exceeds 120, adding a support function along with her recovery ability. Players who want to save points can Cheerful Bonwack (2p) setting. This set enhances energy regeneration, allowing Byle to advance actions if his speed exceeds 145. Both planar ornament options benefit from speed, but Fleet of the Ageless is the more balanced and balanced choice and easier to achieve.

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Regarding the main stats, players should aim to:

  • body: Extraverted Healing Boost
  • Feet:HP% or speed
  • Plane sphere: HP%
  • Link rope: HP% or energy regeneration rate

In terms of sub-stats, Byle’s priorities are HP% > Flat HP > Speed, maximizing her healing ability.

Best Light Cone for Bailu

Honkai Star Railbile

Luckily, there are several gacha and F2P light cone options available in Bailu’s Abundance pass, and they’re all generally effective. Among them, Vile’s representative star 5 light cone, no one waits for time, stands out as an excellent choice. Besides boosting Vile’s her HP, whenever a healed ally attacks an enemy, it adds extra her DPS by launching a lightning attack based on Vile’s outgoing healing. However, this light cone is currently only obtainable through gacha or by exchanging it for 600 starlights from the store, and we do not recommend this option.

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Other options for light cones are: Postoperative conversation and sympathy, both are four-star light cones. These provide additional outward healing and energy regeneration, albeit with different conditions and values. Another viable option is a three-star light cone called . treasury, increases outgoing healing for both skills and ultimates. Acts as his F2P option which is valuable to the player.

Bailu trace priority

Honkai Star Rail Vile Skill

Considering all aspects of Bailu’s kit, the upgrade priorities are: Ultimate > Skill > Talent > Basic AttackAdditionally, players should focus on unlocking her Ascension Traces and HP% related minor Traces as much as possible. These enhancements are to further enhance her healing abilities. Doing so allows players to maximize resource efficiency and achieve optimal builds for Vile.

Given his role as a healer, most of Vile’s skills and passives are focused on restoring HP for his team members. Among them, her ultimate ability is Leap of Marsh Dracon, should be top priority. This powerful her AoE healing skill can greatly restore the health of all her members on her team, making her an important tool especially when facing bosses that primarily deal her AoE damage. Vile’s ultimate grants her party members a valuable “Vitality” buff, in addition to an immediate healing effect. This buff allows him to receive additional healing each time he is attacked for the next 2 or 3 turns, depending on whether the player has already promoted Vile. This extra healing can be a huge advantage, providing sustained support and helping your team withstand enemy attacks more effectively.

sing in the cloudsBile’s skill is another valuable component in her kit. This skill allows Vile to heal her allies at the expense of her skill points. However, it’s important to note that while the skill bounces, it’s not guaranteed which ally it will target, so Ultimate is unreliable compared to her ability. Nevertheless, as a single-target healing skill, it always heals the selected ally at least once, making it more reliable. It is recommended to strengthen the overall healing ability together. Doing so will allow you to maximize the effectiveness of your healing support within your team and provide critical healing support to your allies in a variety of situations.

gourd elixir is Vile’s talent, which primarily affects the amount of healing she provides when a “spirited” ally is attacked. Upgrading this talent also increases the amount of HP she recovers when an ally is knocked down. Talent Her higher level prevents her from being killed again immediately after activating this passive ability. On the other hand, Vile’s normal attacks do not heal allies. Instead, she deals damage to enemies based on her base attack power. She can help lower an enemy’s toughness meter, but her effectiveness depends on Vile’s ATK stat, so she can’t deal much damage, while recovery is proportional to Vile’s HP. So when building Vile, it’s important to prioritize increasing her HP over ATK, as it greatly affects her healing abilities.

Honkai: Starrail Now available for Android, iOS and PC. A PlayStation version is also in development.

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