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One of the main characteristics of Honkai: Starrail A battle in which you and your character can participate. Some are easy and fun while others are more challenging for the player. The simulated universe worlds fall into the latter category, and completing them requires a solid strategy, especially in Universe World 4.

Without a solid plan for your path ahead and the perfect strategy to defeat the final boss, this universe world will be difficult to complete. However, don’t worry. The difference in difficulty between worlds 3 and 4 is smaller than other worlds.

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Reaching equilibrium level 3, promoting your hero to level 60, and upgrading your equipment along the way makes the task much easier, but you can also manage with a level 50 team.

A simulated Universe World level provides valuable resources for you. Honkai So it’s worth jumping over the hurdles. During your run, you may come across machines that generate planar decorations that provide powerful stat boosts to certain characters.

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How to complete Simulated Universe World 4 Honkai: Starrail

The simulated cosmic Fourth World ends with Svarog as the final boss. You’ve already played against him in the game’s main mission, but this time he’ll be even more powerful.

Unless you have a good game plan, this boss will give you nightmares before you beat it. He’s level 55, and most of the enemies you’ll encounter so far are around level 50. As in the Third World, blessings and curios are also available along the way, and choosing them wisely is the key to victory.

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Best Teams of Simulated Universe World 4

First, you’ll notice fire and lightning, which are the most frequent attribute weaknesses in the enemy list. Wind is Svarog’s weakness, so including at least two of her characters from these elements will ensure her success in the trials.

The recommended level for completing Simulated Universe World Four is 50. However, the boss is level 55, so if your team isn’t fully prepared, you will definitely struggle against Svarog.

  • Launch the Trailblazer as a tank. This is the best free-to-play preservation option for your team. A good tank is key to reaching the final boss in good standing in the Simulated Universe’s long battles.
  • Hook (or Clara/Serval/Himeko) as main DPS: Area of ​​Effect (AoE) damage is very useful when facing all enemies, including Svarog, especially if they can break shields at the same time. Wield the appropriate element (fire, lightning, or wind).
  • Flexbuffer/Debuffer (Asta, Bronya, Sampo, etc.): Having debuff cleansing helps remove defensive debuffs in the fight for Svarog and generally enhances the potential of allies.
    • You can also switch Dan Heng as your main DPS (great for wind damage) and use an area damage focused character as your secondary DPS instead.
  • Natasha as a Healer: A healer is essential to your World 4 run. It is necessary not only to survive long battles, but also to recover the bleeding inflicted by the enemy.Natasha is a go-to healer for most people Honkai Not just the player, but if you’re lucky enough to get Vile, you can even include her.

How to choose paths, blessings and curios in Simulated Universe World 4

In contrast to World 3 of the simulated universe, there is no one indisputable best path to take to succeed. It depends on the strategy chosen and the characters loaded into the run.

In general, it’s recommended that you choose the path of the hunt to acquire resonance abilities that help you complete the third phase of Svarog, which is the most important part of the overall run. In Phase 3, you need to deal a lot of damage quickly, and The Hunt will help you do that.

On the one hand, the potential of some key characters can be maximized by other paths. Path of the Void is strong with characters that focus on damage over time, such as Sampo, Serval, and Hook. The path of preservation becomes very powerful due to Gepard’s freezing effect.

As for blessings, the usual strategy is to get the ones linked to the path of your choice for a stronger snowball effect. When it comes to curios, you’re lucky if you choose one that increases your resonance skill.

How to defeat Svarog in Simulated Universe World 4

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Here’s a guide to all the battle phases of Svarog, the final boss of World 4 of the Simulated Universe, along with some tips on how to navigate them.

  • The first boss phase is pretty easy. You need to eliminate the robots, but don’t forget to destroy Svarog’s shield at the same time. Use Path of Resonance whenever you can, unless the unit has Barrer on.
    • During this phase, Svarog deals damage to single targets and increases damage dealt to support units.
  • The second phase features almost the same mechanics. This time, Svarog will be assisted by her two robots, which inflict bleeding on the character, so they will need a large amount of healing to survive. Path of Resonance can be used until the boss’s HP is halved. Then hold it until the start of the third phase.
    • This time, Svarog deals area damage in addition to single targets. It also applies defensive debuffs, which can be cleaned up by team debuffers.
Screenshot by Dot Esports via HoYverse

  • The third stage is when things get particularly difficult. This is a DPS check. Both Svargo and his arm should be defeated as soon as possible. This is where having the right elements and strong stats for your team becomes important.
    • Svarog can deal massive area damage, apply defensive debuffs to all targets, damage single targets, and delay actions.
    • His support machine imprisons the target and must see either the shield break or the HP halved to release the target.

Finally, if you don’t know your chances of clearing the 4th world, don’t worry about losing anything. Even if you lose in the simulated universe, you’ll still earn rewards along the way and earn points toward upgrading your abilities in his tree, allowing you to progress further in your next challenge.

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