Hightower Advisors LLC Increases Stake in Texas Pacific Land Company Despite Industry Fluctuations

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May 14, 2023 – Hightower Advisors LLC, a financial services provider, recently reported a 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for its holdings in Texas Pacific Land Company (NYSE:TPL). increased by 5.6%. during the fourth quarter. The company currently owns 10,413 shares of TPL stock, worth about $24.39 million. This investment represents approximately 0.14% of the company’s net assets.

One of Texas’ leading landowners, Texas Pacific Land Corporation operates on a surface and royalty ownership model that generates revenues throughout the oil and gas development value chain. The Company receives fixed fee payments for land use, revenues from sales related to infrastructure construction materials, revenues from the provision of productive water sources and treated productive water systems, and oil and gas royalties associated with salt water disposal in onshore operations. income from the tea rights.

TPL opened Friday at $1,365.80 per share, giving it a market capitalization of $10.51 billion. It trades at a PER of 24.23 with a beta rate of around 1.87 based on current data from various data platforms and indicators such as moving averages that show long-term trading price trends for TPL stocks. facilitated by the variability trajectory. .

Despite some cyclical fluctuations in recent months, particularly due to shifting social norms within the industry, including the effects of climate change impacting fossil fuel consumption patterns around the world, Texas Pacific Land’s outlook remains optimistic. Therefore, investors should continue to invest their funds in this business in terms of monetary value addition or through more favorable terms such as Ether staking solutions and digital finance offerings related to environmental sustainability policies. have a desire to This type can, as it does now, allow provision for all parties involved. It has been witnessed within the many viable use case scenarios available in these new and emerging fields.

In conclusion, the recent 13F filing by HighTower Advisors LLC. Emphasizes the company’s position as one of the key players in shaping the future trajectory of Texas Pacific Land Company. The company increased its stake in the fourth quarter and has increased its TPL stake by about 5.6% since then. Analysts say investors remain optimistic about TPL’s prospects given its effective business model, despite various environmental feedback impact indicators constantly shifting the market’s equilibrium point. I predict that it is highly likely. Therefore, this solid investment vehicle continues to be an excellent indicator for both HighTower Advisors LLC. and other interested investors within the sector looking for opportunities that benefit all parties involved. .

Investor Interest and Dividend Payment Announcement: Texas Pacific Land Corporation (TPL)

May 14, 2023 – Texas Pacific Land Corporation (TPL), a landowner operating in Texas, recently made headlines as several large investors added or reduced stakes in the company. It’s becoming Wipfli Financial Advisors LLC, VitalStone Financial LLC, Pacer Advisors Inc., Fred Alger Management LLC, and Citizens National Bank Trust Division have all purchased new shares in TPL over the past two quarters, and institutional investors are now It owns less than 60%. total inventory.

In addition to this increase in investment activity, TPL has also been featured in key research analyst reports. StockNews.com began reporting on March 16 and placed the company’s rating on hold. On April 27, Stifel Nicolaus released a report raising the TPL price target from $1,396.00 to $1,399.00.

TPL generates revenue through ownership of superficies and royalties that enable oil and gas development throughout the value chain. This includes paying a fixed fee for the company’s use of land, selling materials used in infrastructure construction along with provided raw and treated production water sources. In addition, engaging in oil and gas development activities continues to increase revenues associated with land-based brine disposal.

Despite these encouraging developments, TPL reported earnings of $12.94 per share versus an expected $15.14 per share in its latest quarterly results in February, just below consensus expectations. Sales also fell short of analyst estimates of $171.71 million at $152.71 million.

However, Texas Pacific Land announced today that it will pay a quarterly dividend of $3.25 per share by Thursday, June 15. This shows that TPL is fully committed to creating more wealth for shareholder participation. This represents an annualized payment of $13 per share. Yield is 0.95%. TPL’s dividend payout ratio stands at 23.06%, meaning shareholders can expect continued payments in the future.

Overall, this week’s news on TPL has had mixed results for current and potential investors. However, it is clear from the continued interest from institutional investors that many remain confident in the value and growth potential of the TPL business in the lucrative oil and gas industry.

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