Highland woman charged with accepting father’s $275,000 severance pay


Money (AP Photo/Elise Amendola, file)

Highlands, Utah (ABC4) — A Highland woman was charged Tuesday with stealing retirement money from her aging father to pay for international flights, cosmetic surgery and more.

Athena Crane Monson, 54, was indicted on Tuesday, May 9, on nine counts of economic exploitation of vulnerable adults (a second-degree felony) and wire fraud (a second-degree felony). .

Monson spent almost a year stealing approximately $275,492 from his aging father’s bank account. Her father said she was unaware that she had received the money.

Then the investigation started adult protection services Officials said they believed she had cheated on her father. After the old man’s wife died, Monson reportedly obtained her father’s financial mandate to help her father, but instead stole thousands of dollars from her father. It is said that

Monson reportedly stole money from both retirement and reverse mortgages. The elderly man said Mr. Monson agreed to the reverse mortgage because he promised he would get the money. But the elderly man told police he didn’t know what happened to the money he got from the reverse mortgage.

The stolen money was used not only for Venmo transactions, but also for travel, surgery, hotels, and ATM withdrawals. When officials asked the elderly man if he had a Venmo account, he said he didn’t know what Venmo was.

Monson was arrested on a Delta Air Lines flight home from the Dominican Republic. According to his affidavit, Monson frequently used the money to purchase airline tickets through Delta.

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