Governor Reeves Passes Bill to Give Volunteer Firefighters Retirement Benefits


Mississippi (WCBI) – Volunteer firefighters in Mississippi may have something to look forward to.

Governor Tate Reeves signed a bill rewarding the hard work of volunteer firefighters.

The word volunteer usually means they are not paid for their work, but volunteer firefighters in Mississippi may set aside a few dollars for their services.

Volunteer chiefs also hope that means additional recruits for their departments.

“As we wrapped up last summer, we had a representative contact the Mississippi Fire Chiefs Association Brad Smith. The state fire coordinator said he wanted to do something for volunteer firefighters in Mississippi. Mississippi Fire Association First Vice President Terry Tucker said:

This week, Reeves signed House Bill 521, creating a Mississippi tenure program.

The program allows volunteer firefighters to earn money based on their length of service in the department.

Reeves believes the bill will provide incentives to recruit and retain firefighters.

Terry Tucker is First Vice President of the Mississippi Fire Association.

Tucker said the plan will allow firefighters to receive up to $500 a year in compensation for their service to their neighbors.

“There are people who are proud of their community and want to be part of it, so I think most of them will acknowledge that they are serving. You can thank them for helping them, providing their services and paying them back. “It’s going to be something to look forward to instead of doing it,” Tucker said.

Tucker said he hopes the bill will allow more volunteers to get involved soon.

“The numbers are down and people aren’t volunteering like they used to. “I will,” said Tucker.

This money that volunteers receive will add up over time and become accessible after retirement.

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